I Got an Infinite Amount of Problems But Nintendo Ain't One

Poli Games hosts talk about Uncharted 4, low Review scores, Infinite
Warfare reaches over 2 million dislikes, Resident Evil 7, Nintendo in the
movie business Overwatch breaks records, and much more!

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Poli_Games1279d ago

Do you guys think Warcraft or Assassin's Creed will break the movie to videogame curse? Also What do you guys think about Overwatch? Did the beta sell you on the game?

wonderfulmonkeyman1278d ago

I hope Overwatch does okay because I like the art style.
It's like Team Fortress 2 with waifus.XD

As for the movie to videogame thing, I think Wreck-It Ralph did more to "break the curse" than either Warcraft or Assassin's Creed ever could.
If they succeed, it'll be because that movie, in part, opened the way by showing what a GOOD video-game-concept-based movie looks like.

TGG_overlord1278d ago

I like Overwatch, and the WOW and AC movie makes me nervous. As there are very few (to none) good video game movies (the first MK movie are one of the rare exceptions).

gerbwmu1278d ago

Warcraft seems like more potential but I always doubt video game movies.

I've heard good things about overwatch, might make me upgrade my computer

blawren41278d ago

Neither. Not excited about either enough to pay ticket prices. Might be surprised though.

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