Uncharted 4 Brought Out Some Of The Best And Worst Of Gamers

With the recent controversy over a couple of Uncharted 4 reviews, one writer looks at how the game brought out some of the best - and the worst - of the gaming community.

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Xavior_Reigns1278d ago

It certainly brought out the trolls, defending nonsense but would certainly do the same if roles were reversed. As for the media, ANYTHING to get clicks even if it means spinning the argument, knowing fully they're in the wrong. As for my stance... Im sorry you fools are in desert without water while Im enjoying the grand oasis. The only salt here is on my fries, you all would be wise to start mining each other though.

Outside_ofthe_Box1278d ago

*******"It certainly brought out the trolls, defending nonsense but would certainly do the same if roles were reversed"*******

This happens all the time. UC4 didn't bring it out.

People that are lol-ing @ petitions now were relatively calm about this... :

Like I said flipflopping happens all the time...

gangsta_red1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Flip flopping? Compared to what? It must be nice to be able to reach so long. Makes scratching the middle of your own back that much easier. UC4 and other related topics brought out more than anything else lately.

Compare that 1000 supported petition from Xbox to the 8000! to remove ONE bad score from a game that is getting nothing but 9's and 10's and all because they thought that MC assigned the score themselves.

Where those people in that Xbox petition in the bad score articles laughing now? Exactly which ones where they? Exactly how far did that story go? Anyone claim "clickbait", "media bias" or "satire"? Compare the N4G comments in that Xbox petition to the comments in the UC4 petition story.

Notice the difference, yea I bet you don't because it's all flip flopping.

Cindy-rella1278d ago

Uncharted 4 is one of the best games ever made. It shouldnt be rated lower than a 9 out of 10 if its being judged based on whats been done in gaming before and all of its merits.

Uncharted 4 oozes quality to such a degree it seems ridiculous. Over 95 percent of games arent as polished as uncharted 4. If uncharted 4 is being reviewed with reasoning and it surpasses most games in the tech it uses then gameplay and story is what can bring its score down. The story is easy to follow and well explained throughout the game which i thought is quite good. The gameplay is solid and fluid .

I dont know how lesser games in a lot of areas can score higher than uncharted 4. You can prefer other games because we're all individuals with different tastes but there should be a criterion on reviewing games and i often see heavily flawed games get high scores and even sometimes amazing games get reviewed poorly. A lot of games these days are good games and most games shouldnt be rated below a 6. People like to nitpick things and wish for certain Mechanics to be in a game that the developers didnt want so people will review things lower.

Uncharted 4 is an amazing game and i cant think of any game with such high production value in it or as polished as uncharted 4. Some can find faults with the controls and story but on things that can be quantified like the tech used then its quality is off the charts because nothing comes close to it. We all have opinions and such but nothing comes close to its quality so why would anyone rate this game lower than like a 9. Yes people can nitpick silly things like story and gameplay and say a bunch of crap but i see uncharted 4 as one of the best games ever made

magiciandude1278d ago


I am glad you feel that way about Uncharted 4, but unfortunately I can't share that. The graphics are great, though not without issues. Crushed blacks, texture pop-ins, jagged edges, artifacts, this game has all that besides the pretty visuals in many of the areas. The gameplay wasn't that much of an improvement from the past games. The story wasn't at all original. The combat was basic and mediocre. More QTEs than it should. Personally I would give the game an 8.8 and not a 9. And guess what means? It's still a great AAA game.

Xavy1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )


Stop pretending that your biased opinion matters. This is a guy who calls QB a masterpriece

I'm just gona put this "Masterpriece" here: magiciandude "Best game this year so far. True masterpiece."

It must hurt you so bad that U4 is destroying your "Masterprice" on all fronts =D

Playable_Gamez1277d ago

@Cindy-rella I don't understand how you don't see any flaws in Uncharted 4. I can name you several flaws that I personally can bring up that are not nit picks.

freshslicepizza1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

some people take their toys way too seriously and some even act like its an attack on them, like they were involved in tbe creation process. and let's be crystal clear, uncharted 4 is not the only game to do this, it's happened before and it will certainly happen again. the higher the profile of the game the more intense things get.

most of the time it is surrounding exclusive games because some so called gamers act childish about the whole thing like we get this, you don't. typical kindergarten behaviour. then when it's on the other foot the response is to say its not that great anyways.

how many more years are members going to keep putting up with this?

Outside_ofthe_Box1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )


You are missing my point. And you highlight the exact problem I have with people like you that try to act all neutral yet claim one is worse than the other.

Is your issue that the petition was made? Or that 8000 people supported it?

The whole point of my comment was that there are people that are making jokes like "lol we should start a petition" cough*septic*cough that are calling this petition pathetic, but didn't make the same jokes or claims of other petitions when the roles were we reversed.

If making a petition on things that shouldn't matter is petty, it should be an issue on all fronts no matter how many people signed it.

I mean are you saying that you would be ok with the UC4 meta petition if only 1000 people signed it?

gangsta_red1277d ago

You see Outside, this is the problem I have with folks like you who aren't neutral and always want to point the finger and blame the other fanbase for their own troubles.

Instead of recognizing how absurd this situation was, how stupid it was to even get worked up over one pathetic review you want to turn this into "what the xbox fanboys did" (i.e. Septic) did instead.

Yes, fanboys on both sides are crazy, but in this particular case one side went more bonkers than the usual norm.

Making a petition is petty, making a petition over one stupid review for a game that has 99.9% good reviews is pathetic. 1000 or 1,000,000 it wouldn't matter, it was a dumb thing to do especially considering that the petition was made because people thought that MC assigned the score themselves, that people thought the review was satire.

The petition was made with no information or knowledge of the actual situation just flying off the handle. That is the difference Outside, no flip flopping of any kind at least from your examples.

Outside_ofthe_Box1277d ago

I'm not blaming the 'other fanbase' for anything. My own troubles? What troubles would that be? lol

I recognize how silly this entire ordeal is. If anyone wants to point how stupid the petition is I have no issue at with that. Where my issue lies, is with individuals that claim to be "unbiased(lol)" who like to use this an opportunity that one group is worse than the other (i.e. Septic).

****"Making a petition is petty, making a petition over one stupid review for a game that has 99.9% good reviews is pathetic. 1000 or 1,000,000 it wouldn't matter, it was a dumb thing to do especially considering that the petition was made because people thought that MC assigned the score themselves, that people thought the review was satire. "****

1000 or 1,000,000 doesn't matter? Ok I agree. It was dumb because people made it with no information or knowledge, just flying off the handle? Fine, I agree.

But aren't all petitions just knee jerk reactions based off no information at all, just those individuals being emotionally upset that something didn't happen the way they want it to?
That petition is definitely closer to pathetic than it is petty don't you agree? So why use petitions as reason to why one group is worse?

When I say flipflopping I'm talking about those that are saying making a petition is petty and pathetic now, but WEREN'T saying that when the roles were reversed, but instead excusing it because not that many people signed it.

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OB1Biker1277d ago

'the trolls, defending nonsense'
So true.
Funny how some gamers are so concerned about defending undeniably lame gaming journalism.

Xavior_Reigns1278d ago

They will scream typing "minus one point, its terrible now" all while missing the bigger picture their fanboy glasses dont let them see. Again they would be doing the same shit were roles reversed. But nope, PS fans are triggered... shut up bitches, how many of you lame ass Xbox fanboys were "triggered" about QB? Screaming "media bias" at everyone.

game4funz1277d ago

Not many. All I saw was gamers saying it deserved higher or it did something new that's normally very difficult to do well.

These gamers enjoyed the game. I did see a lot of people who didn't play the game say the game is crap based off reviews they read. Many many many people haven't actually played quantum.
Millions have likely played uncharted 4 and many people that are saying the game isn't a 9 or 10...myself included have actually played the game. It's all opinions anyways. Nothing to get worked out about.

But this horse has been beat to death already. Sony fans will praise most if not all exclusives to no end especially from naughty dog who delivered the last of us..... Same with Xbox fans with xbox console exclusives. It's the Neverending story.

Sony fans will accuse anyone who doesn't praise the game to be trolls or Xbox fanboys even when they're not. Xbox fans, which admittedly are less in number obviously since the Xbox hasn't sold nearly as much as Playstation, will accuse anyone who doesnt praise Xbox exclusives of being trolls or Sony fanboys even when they're not.

I'm talking diehard nonsensical fans.

1277d ago
gangsta_red1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

It brought out the insanity and shined a bright light on how petty some gamers can be when they are faced with an opposing view.

It was a sight to behold seeing these people attack anything and anyone that threatened their own belief with such intensity and ferociousness. And beware if you even countered or offered an explanation because then you would be labeled as defending/agreeing with the actual review even though no where was that even stated.

Jim Sterling definitely hit the nail on the head when he wrote that article detailing which group of gamers (fanboys) are the worse. Incidents like these only prove that point even further.

Aloy-Boyfriend1278d ago

Tell me about it

All of them are as bad as each other

gangsta_red1278d ago

I know right?
Lol...only 150...ouch

Needless to say we could probably do this for a while but there's definitely one group worse than the other.

Outside_ofthe_Box1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Such strong language for only a petty petition, but only 26 supporters so I guess it's A OK in red's book... because one group is worse than the other...

1278d ago
magiciandude1278d ago

Well said Gangsta. You hit it right on the head! This disgusts me too. Makes me glad I am no longer the big Sony fanboy I used to be!

Hey maybe we should play some Dark Souls III together on PSN and invade some n00bs. xD

Sincerely, one of the worst X-Men.

TwoForce1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

And you become Xbox fanboy, right ?

Rimeskeem1277d ago

How bout you don't be a fanboy then? That's always a great option.

Xavy1277d ago

Oh the irony so now you have become an Xbox fanboy instead, i suppose that's even better lmao.

Look in the mirror and you will be even more disgusted. You should call your self the twofaceddude, who is trying so hard to play broth sides but fails miserably.

Eiyuuou1277d ago

Just pray that I won't find you as a Darkmoon... (when that shit actually works)

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Doabarrelroll1277d ago

Yeah man those people harassing Phil spencer over QB going to PC, the whole people who cry "media bias" over every Xbox game. Truly man those Xbox gamers.

Funny some of your portions you used to try and prove your point are for PC,PS4, even WiiU.

How about crapgamer who lies, a racist against Japan because they don't like Xbox, steals gameplay, makes daily fanboy videos with over 23k subscribers all Xbox fanboys. How about mooch who openly admits to harassing kids at GameStop over buying a ps4, or timdog who stalks Best Buy to see who's buying an Xbox. How about blacky lewboski who used terrorism to try and defame ps4 fans. Maybe to idiots who only stay on n4g like you guys. You think your community is filled with saints. But to someone like me, who actually goes out of n4g, that's far from the case.

Phill-Spencer1277d ago

It certainly brought out the worst gamers, the xbots who were waiting in the shadows for an incident like this. They usually have nothing to brag about because their console is losing on all fronts( exclusive games, hardware, sales) and now the finally have something they can run their mouths about.

Don't get me wrong, i wouldn't have signed the petition nor i see any need to start it even if it would be the case, like many have thought, that metacritc made a mistake and added a satire review.

But it's so obvious since this petition have been brought up xbros are in every uncharted article spitting their hatred and acting all grown up and above ps4 gamers.

But we will see how start whining when their gears comes and get mediocre review all over the place.

BEASELY1277d ago

I think we can agree that people who are getting furious over those that want the review taken off of Metacritic are even worse. Fans are invested in a great game apart of their favorite franchise, why aren't they allowed to feel such a way?

Insisting that this obvious troll review should represent Uncharted 4 in any serious fashion is a lot more fanboyish to me than those that just want it to get the respect it deserves.

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