Doom’s Level Design Is A Marvel Among Mediocrity

Pixelgate writes:

''The first person shooter genre has been stuck in a rut for sometime. Trends were set by big sellers, this is not anything new. Highly scripted shooters, constant use of quick time events and linear level design has dominated the genre. It’s not rare to play a shooter that will happily move you from point A to B and offer nothing more than a decorated straight line.''

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Miguelitons1280d ago

Nice, sounds like I have to get the new Doom!

PixelGateUk1280d ago

it's one of this year's standouts, even with a so so multiplayer

CorndogBurglar1280d ago

Dude you won't be disappointed. This is coming from a guy that grew up playing the original games.

Its a perfect blend of the old games with new-school tropes.

Fast paced, no reloading, no aiming down sights, for the oldschool.

Weapon and armor upgrades and mods, awesome graphics, and collectibles for the newschool.

This is my favorite game in a long time....

fatsodubmo1280d ago

Just give us the option to ADS. I get that some may prefer it without but i would much prefer the option.

NarooN1280d ago


Nope.avi. This is an old-school style game, there's no ADS as all it does is slow you down with pointless additional button presses. Just aim and shoot, the way it should be with this type of game.

Kurt Russell1280d ago

Some guns have an ADS upgrade option, the guns without you'll find don't need it.

Der_Kommandant1280d ago

Yeah, totally agree with that, Doom certainly is a breath of fresh air.

PixelGateUk1280d ago

It's so refreshing to just be allowed to play, rather than 'go here - quick time even - repeat'

mafiahajeri1280d ago

Love the game, but come on the glory kills are pretty much qte's without the button prompts

PixelGateUk1280d ago


The kills are so quick i don't really find them all that obtrusive, but i've seen your point come up quite often. It's all down to preference. I'm happy they just stayed away from quick times

mafiahajeri1280d ago

Yeah it ain't no call of duty that's for sure, I don't mind them BTW was just saying

sullynathan1280d ago

so basically, D44M is "good" because compared to other modern offerings the level design is good? lol, so the game can't genuinely stand on its own or compare to the originals but compared to some new shooters, that automatically means the game is good.

PixelGateUk1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Errr no...that's not what i said. I don't even understand how you reached that conclusion given I'm talking explicitly about level design. This is not a review, nor is it a commentary on how good the game is overall, it's purely talking about level design.

I thought the title was pretty clear, how would you worded it out of curiosity?

For the record - I've talked about how great the gameplay is in general in a past post. I'm just a big fan of classic FPS level design, and wanted to talk about it within Doom 2016

Kyosuke_Sanada1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Seeing that Doom was one of the first pioneer shooters, returning to form with such significant improvements on it's timeless mechanics instead of starting from scratch (which most modern reboots do unnecessarily) isn't bad in the slightest.


Urmmm uh yeah. What exactly are you saying. Wouldnt good level/game design equal to a good quality game. Especially to rinse repeat shooters of today. Plus who said automatically. If im not mistaken many have shat on its multiplayer. I for one think its fantastic and a great addition to compliment uncharted 4s. Oh well go on.

MoveTheGlow1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Level design doesn't equal multiplayer maps. Usually, we're talking single-player. The author said the level design was great in the title and explained it later. Not sure what the issue is. He also didn't say "the game can't genuinely stand on its own." Which is bollocks unless you're multiplayer-only.

Good level design doesn't always equate to a good game, and this guy didn't say that, but it sure does help. Usually a studio that focuses on how the levels work with the unique mechanics of a game will put out a solid freaking game, and that's the case here. Dark Souls 1 was a great game, and one great aspect was the level design. That isn't all it had going for it, but just like a game having stunning visuals, immersive sound design, or a fast, kinetic set of game mechanics, it helps.

sullynathan1280d ago

Dark Souls didn't have stunning visuals or a fast set of game mechanics. One of its main points that it did well was level design like the original DOOM.

MoveTheGlow1280d ago

Yup. Didn't say that either...

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PistolsAtDawn1280d ago

I am REALLY enjoying this game more than I expected...obviously you don't play it for the story, but put some headphones on (the sound is awesome!), sit back and blow $&%#'s fun, I love this game.

DefenderOfDoom21280d ago

As much as i love the gameplay in DOOM 2016 , the reason why i am giving the campaign a 5 out of 5 is because of its awesome level designs.

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