UK Stores Can’t Handle The Insane Demand For Call Of Duty: Black Ops On Xbox 360

ThisGenGaming says "It’s only been 24 hours since the announcement of Call Of Duty: Black Ops being backwards compatible, and it’s already in crazy demand in UK stores."

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Maybay1754d ago

Yeah I find this shocking. The Wii U is backward compatible with Wii software and hardware, and it hasn't received the same attention, though I digress. Microsoft definitely made the X1 more valuable by adding BC.

Rookie_Monster1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Maybe the Wii library sucks and all the cool AAA games that people actually wants are on X360 and PS3; thus, that is why no one cares about Wii games?

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gangsta_red1754d ago

I tell you one thing though, I hope the NX is bc with the WiiU because there are a few games that only appeared on Wii U that I would love to play, just not enough to buy the system. But if NX comes out strong with the support of 3rd party games, 1st party games and BC then I'm all in.

pompombrum1754d ago

@Rookie_Monster What are you on about? Barbie Horse Adventures Riding Camp was a classic! Seriously though, when I got my Wii U, only backwards compatible game I cared about was Last Story.

LackTrue4K1754d ago


Is asking about Wii/WiiU???

RosweeSon1754d ago

Because it was included from day one on Wii u to not leave out people who previously owned older console, not added on as an after thought 2 years later once most had moved on sold their games (hence why people are rebuying COD) sure it's great for Microsoft to have it but it's more to do with the fact they are not pumping out new games fast enough not top quality ones. Sure it's great to be able to put your old games in your new consoles but if that's all that's going on for Xbox one currently I would just get my 360 out of its box and play it on there.

ziggurcat1754d ago


Yeah, I think 3rd party support is one of the biggest keys to NX's success.

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LackTrue4K1754d ago

I keep asking my self..."why"???

Gol3m1754d ago

That's the funniest shit ever. @gangsta_red. Anyone with a ps3 or 360 could go back and play it at any time without needing BC. He's right you guys are happy with playing old games. Go ahead. I don't really care. BC has never been a big issue for me. My issue is BLOPS is shit anyway.

Gol3m1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Why do you guys tend to troll ps4 articles? It's my opinion on the game not BC which I couldnt care less about.

It's okay that you guys are happy to just play old games congratulations but it's less hassle to play it on your old console

Fwiw I can play it BC on my xbox one as well. My point is its a shit game. Last BC game I played was fallout 3 and it reminded me why we push for new generations of game consoles.

lastking951754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Tend to troll ps4 articles? Can you give me an example? Even then it make your trolling okay? Lol you just admitted to being a troll.

How is it less of a hassle? Pulling up and creating space for the 360 to play is less of a hassle than to play it on XO like you would any other game? (With the benefits that come with XO might i add)

Gol3m1754d ago

The other benefits of the console are it's new exclusives. And I was just posing a pointless question to you as you posed to me. I am here in no way trolling BC it is a good feature even though I don't rate it. But I think BLOPS is a horrible game. Hence why I'm here. With my opinion on the game. Which everyone else seems to suggest I'm allowed to have.

gangsta_red1753d ago


He's here because he has some form of anger and extreme delusion that people are trolling PS4 articles even though he's here in an X1 article puking nonsense. Ignore the little boy, he has to get these things off of his chest to feel good but soon enough his internet privileges will be stripped by his nana.

"Anyone with a ps3 or 360 could go back and play it at any time without needing BC."

And now anyone with an Xbox One can go and play it too smart guy...anything else you want to cry about?

Gol3m1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Actually @gangsta_red as I'm an XONE owner I too can play this game using the BC. My point is simply it's not that great a game and once people get on it they'll re realise that fact. Nice try though. And yes you and a couple others have been trolling ps4 articles for a long time now. Especially UC4 articles. Well done though. 'My internet privileges will be stripped by my nana'? Now you're being the child of the conversation, trying to act like a keyboard warrior but you'd be a little pussy at home

gangsta_red1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

It's not that great of a game and that's a fact you say? Well now, since you put it like that then obviously it's true. Hey everyone, close up shop! Gol3m here says that CoD BoP is not a good game and everyone will soon realize this, he put FACT at the end so it's official.

"Nice try though."

Nice try at what? For some reason you're directing your comment specifically at me as if I said CoD was the best game ever.

"And yes you and a couple others have been trolling ps4 articles for a long time now. Especially UC4 articles."

This right here is basically your point that you're trying drive home since you keep mentioning this in every comment. We get it, you're mad at something I said in a UC4 article.

Just out of curiosity though, exactly how am I "trolling" these articles, your types use this term so loosely that it could mean any number of things.

"trying to act like a keyboard warrior but you'd be a little p*** at home"

Ooooh, those nerves struck hard in the paint didn't it my little daffodil? I love it *muah*

Gol3m1753d ago

@gangsta_red. No nerves struck at all mate. You'd have to be better than that to get me worked up. Nice try though pussy

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christocolus1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )


Wow. This is crazy and now we got other publishers wanting to add their games to EA Access.Imagine what happens when RDR, Skate 3, Blops2 or even Skyrim come to BC

ScorpiusX1754d ago

Some will become bitter as they look for excuses to deem it worthless so on.
Me i look forward to it and will embrace it along w/ all other features offered me.

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Paytaa1754d ago

Can only imagine how games like Red Dead, Skyrim, and MW2 would do once they are BC.

It's insane that overnight a 6 year old game received a spike of 70k players on top of the pre-existing user base. Shows how much star power old CoD still has and that BC is beneficial to the consumers who still want to play older games. Nothing wrong with that.

RosweeSon1754d ago

70k people brilliant what about the other 18-19 million.

lastking951754d ago

You trying hard as possible huh roswee? Lol just let it be man, it's a great feature ppl have been enjoying but thx for the salt. needed some, pretzel was kinda dry 😂

Paytaa1754d ago

A 6 year old game that is a part of a yearly franchise still pushing about 100k concurrent players on console is quite a feat no matter how you spin it.

I guess the other 18-19 million are playing "the new games" that everyone says backward compatability voids somehow.

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dillhole1754d ago

Probably the last Call Of Duty game I actually enjoyed.

RosweeSon1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Same but all good things come to an end. This whole thing gangsta says better than having to rebuy or rent your old games? I don't need to as there's more than enough new games on my platforms of choice it's great to have the option but where's all the new gen games.
As for NX being backwards compatable not sounding likely Wii U is gonna it's own unique thing if you wanna play those games grab a Wii U and also be able to play all the old Wii Games. Nintendo have said themselves that NX is a Seperate new console, I think they'll keep Wii U running along with VC for people who are still enjoying them and then NX will be its own beast sure it'll have a VC of sorts and hopefully include cross buy but yeah think Wii U games are staying exclusive to Wii U apart from Zelda of course the rest probably not.

Nintendo have been good with BC since Wii let us play GameCube and now Wii U letting us play Wii and especially handhelds, but reckon NX may be its own beast and first in a while from Nintendo to drop BC.

lastking951754d ago

Good games last forever. If this was truely the last cod you enjoyed you should be praising bc rather than downplay. Ofc there's new good games but if you're craving cod bo1 what options do you have? Uc4? Lol makes no sense. Ppl get that craving on XO, they can now play it.

ONESHOTV21754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

woo dude i'm no doctor but i will tell you that too much salt is not good for the body. i have over 400+ games on pc new and old and i enjoy playing them. most of you fangirls need to calm yourself the world does not revolve around your company of choice

garrettbobbyferguson1753d ago

"I don't need to as there's more than enough new games"

Clearly, there isn't. As we're nearing more remasters for the Xbone and PS4 then we are for new games.

BossBattle1754d ago

Just wait until Black Ops 2 is made backwards compatible.

christocolus1754d ago

or Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim and Skate 3. I'm glad MS added this feature to the console.

1754d ago
BossBattle1754d ago

Look a jealous sony fangirl down voted me. Boo hoo

MetroidFREAK211754d ago

Nearly 100,000 players online... It's crazy to see how fast the servers have repopulated...

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