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There has been an awakening…with RPG’s this year. Check out illgrillchill's impressions of Grand Kingdom's Beta

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Drithe1271d ago

I played the hell out of the beta. It is cool how you can level up your characters, and I mean a whole bunch of them, and send a team of 4 out at a time to fight and earn exp for themselves. this game is a side scroller strategy rpg.

The beta was VERY VERY limited though. You was not allowed to play the story mode at all and you could only send out one team at a time, 3 times a day, to fight for your employer, country. By that I mean YOU actually controlling them. But the longer you let them fight on their own the more exp and gold they got.

Not to mention people can pay YOU for the right to use your characters in battle.

I will need a full review before I pay 60 bucks for it, but what little I played of I liked it. Playing Battle Ages right now.

illgrillchill1271d ago

The game did seem cool, but agree that it's only the tip of the iceberg with the beta. Time will tell before it's worth $60, but the interest is there for me at least to check things out further.

Segata1271d ago

I did not know there is a beta. I am so there.

illgrillchill1271d ago

Sadly it's closed now, but the game's coming out June 21 in the US