Why March is the Perfect Time to Launch NX

Alex St-Amour from Link-Cable writes: "So why March? On the surface, Nintendo’s decision to miss out on the holiday sales boost seems like a missed opportunity and just another stumble for the publishing giant. But after some thought it started to dawn on me that maybe Nintendo actually knows what its doing (they are a multi-billion dollar company after all and I’m just some dude with a computer). "

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Pullmywaffle1274d ago

Yeah it's perfect if they don't want anyone to buy it. 3 months after christmas and everyone will be broke, or busy playing their shiny new consoles from sony or MS. This will launch with a whimper and die out the same way

Maybay1274d ago

Metroid, Super Mario Universe, Wave Racer, Eternal Darkness...

Point being? It's the software that'll drive demand for the NX.

RosweeSon1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Yep and launching in March gives them 3-6 months for the launch games during summer once that's out the way they have holiday season 2017 to start dropping to bangers. Not only that launching in March means they miss out the yearly churn fest of new assassins (oh it's having a year off wahey!!!) FIFA, Battlefield and COD. Would have been nice to have a new console for the end of this year sure but my Wii u will see me through easily.

wonderfulmonkeyman1274d ago

Just like everyone was broke when the PS2 launched in March in Japan, right?
Because that TOTALLY killed off the PS2's success as a video game console.

No dude.
It won't launch with a whimper and die out the same way just because it's not releasing at Christmas of this year.

If anything, waiting till March gives them time to avoid the big software mistake they made with the Wii U: that of not having many huge AAA releases from their own studios, much less a slew of brand new games from third parties.

That extra time will be spent on getting the launch filled with good games, and advertising them WAY better than the Wii U's launch EVER was.

A couple of 8.5-gen consoles from Sony and Micro aren't going to create NEARLY as big a splash as their originals did, and thus aren't a cause for concern.

RosweeSon1274d ago

I bought the 3ds on its March Launch... Same with Ps3.

Shiken1274d ago

Because tax returns are no longer a thing right?

*rolls eyes*

GordonKnight1274d ago

That's a great time to release the NX. March is when ppl are receiving their tax returns.

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pompombrum1274d ago

As a gamer, March makes perfect sense for me. The Christmas period is always packed to the brim with quality games as it is to the point where I have to wait to play some after the new year, I'm a lot more likely to skip the NX or wait and see how it plays out when I have a backlog of like 5-10 games that I'm waiting to play. By March, I'll have more free time and with less game releases in that period will mean that I'm much more likely to take an interest in the NX. Granted if the console looks good and the launch lineup is promising, I'd probably buy one anyway but for March at least, I'd be able to give it the attention a new console deserves.

higgins781274d ago

Well, my birthday is in March. Present to myself...oh, go on then.