Why The Nintendo NX Should Be a Hybrid

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

Nintendo has been extremely careful not to talk about the NX until the anointed time. Due to the intense levels of silence and secrecy, rumors have been churning for a little over a year now. Interestingly enough, rumors of a new system appeared quite some time before the late Satoru Iwata first made mention of the console. Those rumors actually spoke of a potential hybrid system in the works.

While there is still next to nothing known about the Nintendo NX, the factor of it possibly being a hybrid still hasn’t been completely removed from the equation. Nothing like this has ever been done before. Nintendo is no stranger to introducing radical new ideas, so, not only is this right up its alley, but it could also be the most logical step for the company.

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Omnislashver361279d ago

I just don't agree. For the power of a PS4 it'd be near impossible to do as a handheld right now, not to mention costs would be through the roof. Why not just do a PS4 level console on 14nm FinFet and charge $299? So many people would buy it, and if you have good enough cross functionality with handhelds, you don't come off as someone trying to base all of your popularity on the handheld market, and desperate to merge functionality. It's the best of both worlds, and it comes at one DARING cost to Nintendo's current strategy. Admit that you're wrong about gaming and make a common sense console. Seriously. That's it.

Hell, they can even keep Wiimotes as a secondary function for motion play games and secondary controllers for multiplayer games- but they need to have a regular controller as the MAIN controller for single player.

1279d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Quick question.
The PS4 goes for around $350 new still, right?

Then how do you expect Nintendo to make any money by putting out a console at the same level for less money?
Especially if it's also got functionality as a hand-held, which is sure to make it cost more?

If you want Nintendo to charge less, then the only way that's happening is if the console's power is inbetween the PS4 and XBone.
There's no way around this unless you want Nintendo to use really crappy parts.

_-EDMIX-_1279d ago

"Then how do you expect Nintendo to make any money by putting out a console at the same level for less money?
Especially if it's also got functionality as a hand-held, which is sure to make it cost more?"

Because Handheld typically release with more power then the existing consoles at the time.

PSP was more powerful then PS2...

Its not uncommon for a handheld to be more poweful then the consoles on the current market, consider we have phones that are coming out that are near the power of PS4 soooooo not really impossible. I expect it to be near the power of current gen platform as 3DS was when it released. As to why Resident Evil Revelations was ported to the PS3 and 360.

"If you want Nintendo to charge less, then the only way that's happening is if the console's power is inbetween the PS4 and XBone." Like I stated, who is to say that isn't the case right now if its a handheld? PS4 and XONE also released almost 3 years ago bud, technology doesn't just stay at some stand still.

Omnislashver361279d ago

Well, that's part of the reason in waiting for 14nm FinFet, lower prices- also if Ninty launches in March of next year, the price of PS4 will likely be $299 on either 28 OR 14 nm process. That's almost a year from now. If Sony doesn't drop price, it's not because they won't profit at a lower price, it'll be because they just don't have to. Ninty on the other hand should price it at $299 if they can still profit at that price. They're behind and need an install base.

And I DON'T want them to do a handheld is the thing- They don't need to converge everything to the handheld market and come off desperate. They just need to do a common sense console. That's it. I was saying that a hybrid handheld console would cost too much. I'd expect something on the X1-PS4 scale to be upwards to $700-900, and still a bit weaker. Or $399 and FAR weaker. Just do a common sense regular home console at $299. Much better.

Concertoine1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )


That's not true at all. Handhelds might shoot for similar graphics, but they're rendering them at a much lower resolution than the consoles. Also even the Vita which was a powerhouse at the time if you compare games in the same series you'll see that while they look pretty similar, the scale is always toned way down. Look at Uncharted and Killzone on the Vita and you'll see.

3DS especially was no where near the 360/ps3 when it came out. It was around Gamecube levels of power at best, it only ran DKCR at 30 frames rather than 60 on the wii.

ChickeyCantor1276d ago

>The PS4 goes for around $350 new still, right?

Because they are making a profit and when the competition brings out their NEW console they are forced to lower the price.

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Ephex031278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

There's nothing desperate about Nintendo focusing on the handheld market, that's where they are at their strongest. Sony abandoned the VITA and focused on the PS4 because it makes more sense, they control the console market so they double down on their strengths. Nintendo can't release a dedicated console mid-gen that's similar in specs to the Ps4, it would be suicide for them. Ps4 dominates the console space, and that's only going to be further reinforced when the NEO hits the shelves this christmas. It's much wiser for Nintendo to focus their efforts on the handheld market, since that's where they are strongest and, there's no competition it's also the safest.

pcz1278d ago

it doesnt matter what the format is, if it doesnt have full developer support.

i mean, even on N4G, check the wiiu tab where all the wiiu news is suppose to be, and there is little to no news. no news items about current or upcoming games. that is nintendo's problem- they havent created a community, they havent created a buzz. and even a few years ago, the wiiu section was the same. you know its bad when sony/microsoft news is the first article in the wiiu section

if nintendo cant make fans and gaming journalists excited and want to talk about the games and hardware in a POSITIVE way, they dont stand a chance

MisterManGuy1276d ago

Yeah, a hybrid would br stupid. Nintendo really needs is their own "Windows 10" so to speak. One platform, that's used across every device they put out. Same Is, same features, and largely the same software.

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FallenAngel19841279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I just don't see Nintendo making a handheld with the power of a PS4 anytime soon. Besides PS4 already does this "hybrid" concept via Remote Play through Vita, PSTV, certain Android smartphones, PC & Mac. I don't see how Nintendo could effectively top that level of flexibility.

Not to mention this would be very expensive. Developers would have to spend resources to make two versions of the same game on the same platform. With the rising costs of game development and growing irrelevance of Nintendo in the console market, I don't see that happening. That'd be too much a financial risk for many publishers to take.

When certain developers make a game on the console PS3 or PS4, they aren't required to make an accompanying handheld Vita version. That's always just an option, unlike it being a requirement for developers on NX if it were to supposedly be a hybrid console. In fact the way Sony currently does it just makes the idea seem less interesting if Nintendo were to make that the main appeal.

iNFAMOUZ11279d ago

big headed nintendo ignoring gamers cause they got all this money from the wii days, arrogant like crazy
all people want is a more powerful console that rivals the others, but nooooooooo *uck gamers

_-EDMIX-_1279d ago

All their developers under 1 roof.

They need to exit the console market warmly by having a device that can out to the TV. Their handheld is more successful long term then their consoles are. Its best they leave while they have the market.

12 million is a small market to cater to and I think its time they move on to focusing on their core market.

maxleresistant1278d ago

I agree with all this, but this is way more complicated than the video make i to be. The video avoid completely the technological aspect of the idea.
how can it be a handheld and home console if there is only one unit.

What the video describes is just Nintendo stopping to make home consoles and making a handheld that plugs into a TV instead.

deafdani1278d ago

If the handheld has Xbox One levels of power, and if it can synch with multiple game controllers, then by all intents and purposes it's both a home console and a handheld device.

maxleresistant1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

It can't have Xbox One level power.
It's like mobile gaming, yes some games are really pretty, but only because all the rest is scaled back, they are really limited in terme of size, AI, physics, possibilities, everything.

It's like saying the NX was a handheld that could run AC Syndicate graphics, but only if it was a special version of Syndicate that was an on rail shooter. Is that what we want out of a proper home console?

The best we can expect, and I mean, really the best, is a handheld that got the power level of a WiiU. Am I really insisting on the "AT BEST". But that means it won't be in the home console range, it will only be a new powerful handheld that you can put on your TV.

So that is why, the NX needs a secondary unit for the TV. ANyway, we'll know in a few months