Almost 100 PS4, PS3, PS Vita Games Discounted on UK/EU PSN

PP: There are a ton of new discounts on the European PlayStation Store today. That’s the news. That’s it. We can’t dress it up any nicer than that.

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StifflerK1282d ago

Infamous second son for £7.99, I'm definitely getting that.
Some great bargains on there.

chrish19901282d ago

Gta trilogy is where it's at! Vice city! Though leave San Andreas till its patched like III and Vice City

wars19861282d ago

san andreas has been patched

AG66861282d ago

Be in ps plus soon. Probably Next month or month after with it been £7.99 to make people buy it.

RosweeSon1282d ago

Bully and Manhunt... Sold.

RosweeSon1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Unravel, Gone Home, a boy and his blob, Walking dead Michone and Max Payne next time please ;) not paying £30 for the witness either so maybe 20-40% off? Sounds like it's done alright for itself. Pretty decent sale tho plenty to go around, something for everyone and some good savings.