The Witcher 3's Women Were Not Designed to be "Strong Female Character" Clichés

A senior writer of The Witcher 3 explains how the sex scenes and characterization of women in the game were made.

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PixelGateUk1271d ago

No one in the game's is really 'strong'. They all have flaws and weaknesses. That's one of the main reasons the stories and characters have worked. Most of the people who shout out claims of Sexism (hey Chinese Room, who had just released a game onto the PC at the time, dat free attetion buzz) has never played the games in most likelihood.

Eamon1271d ago

I respect that. There are those who think writing strong female characters is the same as writing a generic male character. In the end, you end up with a character that's as interesting as a chair.

annoyedgamer1271d ago

CD Preject Red doesn't owe an explanation to these neanderthals.

bunfighterii1271d ago

exactly. sick of this constant american-centric 'need for diversity' critique of games. the rest of the world doesn't care about their race and gender politics. just focus on making good games with compelling stories please.

Stereotypical_gamer1271d ago

Hey, don't blame all of America for gender politics and all this sjw bullshit. It's just a very small, very vocal, and very rich (I assume it's this last bit that gives them the reach that they have) segment of America and they don't represent us all.

opinionated1271d ago

Trust that the vast majority Americans are tired of these deluded fools as well.

Again CDPR shits on these peons with common sense.

"So how do you create strong female characters?"

"I don't. I just create characters"

Wow! Such a revelation! Who would have thought making good characters would have such an effect?

1271d ago
Takwin1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I'm a hardcore liberal, as is my wife, and even we both think all the SJW comments and focus is asinine. These SJW fanatics are so far to the left that it's ridiculous how much media coverage and actual game influence they receive. Make good games with interesting characters and fun gameplay. You - the developers - decide how to tell the story and flesh out the characters. And we will all vote with our wallets.