Too Human now available for Europeans

Too Human has received mixed responses from US players, with it being a title that you'll either love or hate. Silicon Knight's action/role playing game is now available for Europeans. Will it garner a similar reaction in this territory?

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Kevin Pereira3705d ago

European's are not going to be happy about this...

resistance1003705d ago

lol, that made me laugh have a bubble!

On a serious note however, judging on the demo this game was a huge disapointment, it was this and Gears which were going to get me to turn on my 360, but now i will barely play it til November now

LarVanian3705d ago

Sorry but I don't want this crap polluting my continent.

Liar3705d ago

I don't want you polluting my continent!

LarVanian3705d ago

Thats ok. I was never planning on going to the continent of Retardia anyway.

McErono3705d ago

I am so glad I bought it despite the reviews ... it's the best exclusive 2008 for the 360 so far. no joke! I LOVE IT!

qface643705d ago

too human is now available for Europeans to mock that's a plus for them i guess

anyways WOAH seriously o_O DAMN is all that came to mind i don't mean that as an insult but DAMN

bumnut3705d ago

i enjoyed the demo so i will pick it up, but i just bought a new video card for my pc so it won't be this month!

kazuma3705d ago

ryu hayabusa is gonna kill u while u sleep.

ninja gaiden 2 walks all over too human lol

ukilnme3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

@ kazuma

Couldn't agree more but I still hope Too Human does well.


That would have been nice but according to Dennis Dyack we just don't get it.

DARK WITNESS3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

see, now what would have been interesting, and i have been thinking about this for a while is what too human would be like if the combat etc was like NG.

i think it really would have been awesome. anyway.. thats just me dreaming....

titntin3705d ago

I still feel NG2 was a beter exclusive title this year - peerless combat mechanics despite some other disapointments.

Not that this is awful - its just not ultra-brilliant for the majority of us!

beavis4play3705d ago

that's a real slap in the face of itagaki.

McErono3705d ago

well ok. for me NG is nothing special - was full of it since sigma on the PS3 and to compare a bloodfest hack and slay with toohuman is not my idea...

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Mr PS33705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

The BoTs know deep down that this game Absolutely Sucks !!
But will Still buy it cause they aint got nothing else and they are Collectively the Dumbest Idiots walking in a Knuckle dragging fashion on the Earth

cow moolester3705d ago

"they are Collectively the Dumbest Idiots walking in a Knuckle dragging fashion on the Earth"

...oh the irony


Both sides have their fair share of idiots...including yourself.
_____________________________ __________________
@LarVanian- Agreed... The concept was good but Silicon Knights just ruined it. Graphics were bad and while the story was good, the gameplay sucked too.

Hellsvacancy3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

for the 1st time i can honestly say i kinda feel sorry 4 the devs of Toohuman,

they spent like 10 years of there lives making this game just 4 it 2 get slammed upon release, if it was in production 4 a couple of years rather than 10 i wouldn't hav any feelings either way,

its not anybody's intention 2 make a bad game and perhaps (as always) if there wasn't as much hype 4 this game it may of done a bit better


i kind of agree, but in the end its their fault.

they had play testers, there must have been someone to say hey look.. this looks like crap ! or the camera is broken and needs fixing.

at which point i am sure Mr Dyack would have stormed in " you don't get it do you ! your fired ! "

kevnb3705d ago

unless you think reviews actually matter.

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