I Can't See Any Downsides of PS4.5 / XB1.5 for the Market, Says King of Wushu Developer

According to a King of Wushu developer, there will be no downsides for the market if PlayStation 4.5 and Xbox 1.5 were introduced, only benefits.

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Garethvk1898d ago

More power equals more options.

gangsta_red1898d ago

What options does more power grant?

Garethvk1898d ago

Faster FPS, sharper graphics, etc. Depending on if they setup is designed to let the CPU take some of the GPU load or vice versa.

Alexious1898d ago

More options for developers on how to create the fictional 3D worlds, for example. Otherwise we'd still be content with the Amiga

gangsta_red1898d ago

I was hoping for more options than just sharper graphics and and faster FPS. Seems these games now are just starting to get a few of those now from devs.

But devs are already creating huge fictional 3D worlds right now. I mean the creators of NMS just created a whole universe.

Now here is a good reason.

AngelicIceDiamond1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

@Gareth Sure on paper but how much better will the games look? I can see sharper images and smoother frames but is that really all its gonna be it? When PS4 and X1 were announced they sounded great on paper but in reality games aren't doing anything new.

Wheres: Destroying everything in the environment, entering every building, amazing llifel like physics, massive online battles, loads and loads of AI on screen as well as intelligent AI ( thats a big one) etc. If all we're getting is fantastic looking games which is great but I want game changing features, literally game changing.

gangsta_red1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Exactly AngelicIceDiamond!

This is exactly what I was saying in a past comment. What is the point of more power when these games are all doing the same thing as last gen? The most impressive thing this gen so far is how in The WItcher 3 you could go in and out of buildings without load times.

But when I see people talking about more power all they seem to want or ask for is just better graphics and faster frame rates. To me that is just a waste of power if all we are getting is just that. I too want more destructible environments, more different game paths, game decisions that change the way you play drastically, AI that react intelligently, just like you said game changing features, not shinier new button prompts for QTE's.

_-EDMIX-_1898d ago

smh. You born yesterday orrrrr?

BitbyDeath1898d ago

I'm hoping the extra power gets used to bring back local co-op.

_-EDMIX-_1898d ago

@G-red- "@Alexious
But devs are already creating huge fictional 3D worlds right now. I mean the creators of NMS just created a whole universe"

Soooo what is you're argument exactly? They can't do more? Could you not stated the same thing last gen with a game like GTAV or Red Dead?

We are not saying they can do something on 1.5 that they can't literally do on PS4 or XONE, merely THE DEGREE OF!

As to why you turned it into this black and white, literal, either or, absolute statement is beyond me.

Yes, MORE of something can change the game Red. More frames, higher resolution, more NPCs etc. That is once again NOT saying we can't have a lot of NPCs now, or high frames or better resolution, merely saying the better platforms offer MORE of those features.

With you're logic, might as well make this gen you're last and not buy PS5 and XTWO.

"I was hoping for more options than just sharper graphics and and faster FPS. Seems these games now are just starting to get a few of those now from devs"

You'll be upset when PS5 and XTWO are not brain implants then lol

gangsta_red1898d ago

"Soooo what is you're argument exactly? They can't do more? Could you not stated the same thing last gen with a game like GTAV or Red Dead?"

Good 'ol Edmix, making things up and running miles and miles with it.
AngelicIceDiamond and Bitby got the point being made so it's really not surprising that you didn't.

My point was never to imply that devs couldn't do more, my point was aimed at people here, in the comments, on N4G, that ask for more power but only because they want shiny new graphics or faster framerates. I doubt more power will give us huge differences in resolutions and frames. They may be there but I'm guessing they will be barely noticeable from what we have now.

I'm asking that more power be used for the examples that myself and Angelic gave not just for shinier graphics. Games like NMS is a good example of devs doing something different or more but that is with the power we have now, the power to create a whole universe is being done with the power we have now. Now lets see that power to have a game actually and drastically change when we make decisions, have the story actually change depending on what path you take, multiple paths that lead to multiple endings and those endings never being the same because of those paths you took, different ways to play the game because more power was given to developers.

With a lot of the current games we are playing not much is being done that hasn't been done last gen, besides the better graphics.

Volkama1898d ago

AngelicIceDiamond you must have been looking at the wrong paper lol. The One and PS4 were never impressive in terms of specs.

Agree with you besides that though, i'd like to see some real advancements in gameplay AS WELL as image quality. But that really isn't the intent of the .5 consoles.

1897d ago
maniacmayhem1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )


Red's argument is, "what I like to see that extra power used for other than graphics".

He only said that in both of his replies. Exactly where are you and edmix getting this extra filler from?

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Unspoken1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Just build a PC with a 1080 GTX to play games at 4K/60 or 1440p/120 HDR, with Dolby Atmos surround sound and VR and call it a day. All this wasted debate for more power.

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Quatron1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Sorry, isn't this suppose to be about the customers? Now you're basically telling people who already bought the system to go fuck themselves and spend even more money. Thus, fracturing your audience.

Juiceid1898d ago

Yes it is for the consumers benefit, as well as the developers. The developers can better showcase their work, while the customers who opt to benefit from this potential upgrade will be able to enjoy them as well. It's like an expansion level, not everyone plays them. Or, like a computer upgrade. You may be able to play games on something like ultra settings if you invested more more money into your rig. I know it's a console and we thought there wasn't the need. But the options would be there for those who want them, and that's just the changing times.

2600Thunder1897d ago

Sure "business ethics" are involved to some degree (some companies are better than others), but in the end if they are not producing profits then they cannot sustain. If there is a large enough market for them to make money (based on market research), they will do it. Companies looking at big picture stuff like this hire firms (or sometimes in-house) that have employees/consultants with PhDs/Masters in math and other sciences to analyze and review markets to make more money. My brother has a PhD in math from MIT (by age 23) and he does this for a living and companies claw at his feet to hire him, for even a small amount of time, but he prefers theoretical math. It's interesting to pick his brain about these large console companies.

In the end, revenue growth is the most important thing to them.

garrettbobbyferguson1897d ago

It really doesn't. It means that there will be a 1080/60 FPS version (hopefully lol) and then there will be the 900/30 FPS version. I can guarantee you the people with the latter aren't going to be happy if these new consoles are actually hardware upgrades.

Festano1898d ago

True, I don't understand all the concerns popping up on gaming forums. This can only be a good thing. Hope to hear more on both at E3

ninsigma1898d ago

I do understand the complaints but a lot of them do fly in the face of the rumours. As long as it's true that original PS4s and XB1s are not going to be made obsolete and that there will be no exclusive content or games, just more power then it shouldn't be a problem.

Alexious1898d ago

Microsoft and Sony aren't stupid, there won't be any exclusive content. They would lose so many customers that way.

ninsigma1898d ago

I believe that as well and I don't see this being an issue but all the same until we we have confirmation that these exist and will be done right for the consumer then it's something worth reminding them about.

Concertoine1898d ago

The thing is, isn't a higher native resolution and framerate an inherent advantage in multiplayer games? I know that's kind of a given on PC but i think a console should be a level playing field.

Juiceid1898d ago

That's the hope anyway. I can see it now...go to settings, and set 'neo' mode to default? Hell yes set to default!

ninsigma1897d ago

I get what you mean and that was actually one of the reasons I was initially against this but I play on pc as well and it doesn't really make much of a difference. Even with a high fps and 1440p resolution I still get my ass handed to me xD
Online games for consoles already generally get the fps to 60 at the expense of the resolution so in that sense I think it will remain the same and whether you're one the old or new version everyone would be playing at 60fps. That's much more important than the resolution. Games generally drop to 900p for the MP so there won't be a massive difference between the two. Everything will look sharper on the new version but it's not like you wouldn't be able to see anything at 900p. The difference is small enough that it'll just be about skill.

The beauty of it is it does it automatically if rumours are to be believed xD

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gangsta_red1898d ago

My concerns are will games be fully backwards compatible with these new systems? What happens if this becomes a trend with Sony/MS and they decide that releasing a console every three years is now the new norm? Will developers even attempt to try and squeeze out or optimize their games or just code for the highest spec and whatever happens for the low tier consoles will just have to live with it?

ShadowKnight1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I'm a little concern about that too. But I'm sure they'll work something out and let the developers know every game has to be BC and make sure they optimize for both consoles

ScorpiusX1898d ago

Don't know about sony but these are Phil Spencer thought for Xbox one .
Microsoft’s drive for backward compatibility on Xbox One in 2015 reflects a much broader ambition for Phil Spencer, who seems somewhat frustrated by the transitional problems between console generations. He looks to PC gaming for a solution.“We actually want your content to stay with you,” Spencer said, emphasizing the importance of Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. “I love the idea of both backward and forward compatibility when you think about future innovations that can happen in the hardware space. And frankly us decoupling, to some extent, how a game runs on a platform and the hardware itself, allows that hardware to move within a generation and the games to stay with you longer. We’re very motivated by that inside of Xbox right now.”

So is Microsoft hoping to bring the Xbox One game library forward in the future?

“That’s our goal,” said Spencer. “Your games that you buy on Xbox, we want to make a commitment that you’ll get to continue to play them. Look at Windows. The lifespan of a Win32 game is pretty incredible. Xbox never had that…. I don’t think consoles should miss out on that.”

kneon1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

It will be the trend from now on, it's the obvious way forward now that they have both moved to a PC architecture. At some point the PS4/XB1 will no longer be supported, but I would expect that they would require developers to support the previous model for at least a few years after it is no longer in production.

SegaGamer1898d ago

"My concerns are will games be fully backwards compatible with these new systems?"

I understand those concerns, but i don't think we will have to worry about it. I don't think this idea can work without newer games working on older models. I think games will work on newer and older models for years to come, the only difference will be how the game performs.

If they decide not to make games for older models and force people to upgrade, then this will fail. The backlash would be massive.

rainslacker1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

My bigger concern would be how long forward compatibility would be mandated. The longer it goes on, the less likely we're to see "game changing"(as you put it above) improvements to games come about. The less time it's mandated, the less value the older hardware has as a whole, and any shift to remove the mandate(which will have to happen eventually), is going to cause some contention among the user base.

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Thatguy-3101898d ago

Well the concerm has more to do with people being stuck with the inferior sku. The option is there for the people that want it so that's the good thing. I'm all for it seeing how there are a few games that have releases this gen so far that have impressed me.

Phil321898d ago

If it means I can buy a cheaper vanilla PS4 or Xbox One, then I'm all for it. The added power of the new updates to the systems don't bother me.

garrettbobbyferguson1897d ago

Oh I would say they certainly will be bothering you if we start seeing things in the same vein of this screenshot of War Thunder.

DopeTech1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

He's 100% right, I really don't know why some people hate this 'Mid Gen' upgrade, It's just like PC gaming, one has a GTX 1080, the other has a GTX 960, and the third has a GTX 970, all will play the same game, but the ONLY differences are the Resolution/Framerate and graphics settings, that's it.

Maybe because some people feel envious or something like that? There will be NO FRAGMENTATION in userbase, If someone wants the base console that can play great looking games, then the base PS4 is for you, If you wanted to play the same games but better looking at 60fps maybe, then the PS4 NEO is for you, It's a WIN-WIN situation for everybody, more options is better.

JackBNimble1898d ago

The difference with pc gaming is you don't have to replace your pc to upgrade your gpu. If this is the route sony and ms are going to take, then upgradeable gpu set up is the way to go. It would be as simple as upgrading your hdd and cost the consumer a hell of a lot less then replacing the console .

DopeTech1898d ago

Well, I hope they make the new consoles have 'upgradeable' parts or you can upgrade the consoles with a special form of USB (like AMDs recently revealed, XConnect), and that'd be MUCH BETTER than replacing your base consoles with new upgraded ones.

Quatron1898d ago

If it's like PC gaming, why the fuck do we even bother with a console? NO WE ARE NOT ENVIOUS YOU IDIOT!! We just want convincy, something that PC gaming has lacked a long time ago. I just want to put a game in and go. No worrying about graphics cards, no worrying about rigs, none of that shit. This shit will be fragmenting the userbase and it isn't why consoles are even suppose to exist for.

garrettbobbyferguson1897d ago

"Put a game in and go"

You haven't been able to put in a game and go since last generation. I remember having to wait hours for updates to download on my PS3 before I could play a game. So much for convenience.

ninsigma1897d ago

How does this change that?? If you don't want to worry about upgrades then don't. Just carry on playing on what you've got.

ccgr1898d ago

Nintendo did it with the new 3DS, why can't they?

whitesoxfalife19761898d ago

make it make sense Nintendo have been doing it since the OG gameboy color!!!!

JackBNimble1898d ago

You're talking about hand helds though.

Alexious1898d ago

Indeed. There was a difference, but I think what's pushing Sony and Microsoft over the edge is seeing that the general public accepted this with smartphones and tablets. They're not afraid anymore that they'll become "lost" among multiple products.

Juiceid1898d ago

200 dollar handhelds though

donwel1898d ago

Yes and there are some games only designed to work for new 3DS.
If people are expecting the same not to happen here then the gaming community are more naive than I thought.
I should also point out that Chinatown Wars on PSP ran poorly on original model PSPs, horrible texture pop in and models not loading correctly, because the original systems had less RAM and I think a lower speed processor than the newer models. I imagine there were other games that suffered as well

Quatron1898d ago

Doesn't make it any less bullshit.

Quatron1898d ago

Because I expect Sony to be smart and NOT fragment their audience, unlike Nintendon't and their flock of retarded sheep.

garrettbobbyferguson1897d ago

"and their flock of retarded sheep"

I seem to recall another flock of sheep that is suddenly very okay with paying to access multiplayer components of their games.

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