Doom: The Kotaku Review

"The new Doom, really, is rather like the old Doom. You fight swarms of hulking demons. You never stop moving for fear of being swamped in laser fire, missiles, and pile-driving hell knights. Your screen is permanently suffused with explosions, blood, and chunks of bodies. You, the Doom Marine, are what stands between an army of demons accidentally unleashed on a Martian mining installation, and domination of our realm. Thank goodness you’ve access to such big guns."

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Der_Kommandant1271d ago

The most fun I've had playing a single player FPS campaign since Wolfenstein The New Order.

It feels like DOOM!

BTW this is my 4000 comment, damn i miss the old page and the bubbles.

zb1ftw7771271d ago

The bubbles system sucked to be fair.

It was nothing but a system to silence anybody that didn't subscribe to the fanboy mob mentality.

kevnb1271d ago

Funny thing is the game is getting good but not fantastic review scores (didn't grease the wheels) but it's still considered much better than pretty much any recent single player focused shooter.

Kleptic1271d ago

it goes right over the head of most 'modern gaming media' members, as it's a love letter to not just fans of the series, but also people tired of current trends that have, ironically, become more generic than what they were trying to modernize to begin with...

This Doom makes fun of modern gaming. It is subtle enough that most 'journalists' won't realize it, but as far as bridging gaps between attracting new players, and pleasing the fans...very few games walk that tight rope so well...The story IS in there...its just not forced. There are tons of collectibles throughout the campaign that explain everything, and get WAY deeper than what any half-assed review will ever give it credit for. Yes, I get it; 'who wants to grind for the story?'...thats the point...if you don't see the value of it, then don't do it, and nothing forces you to.

This game takes the most generic video game character ever created...builds up canon from previous games...but then switches it around in which he, himself, doesn't want any part of it...The 'Doom Slayer' is here for one purpose, and it is not to listen to robots. And as it sets in that the character you control has no real agenda, isn't really listening to advise from literally anything but 'you', and the indication that Hell is more afraid of this doomguy than he is of all comes around in how smart the whole theme of this game really is.

That is all irrelevant to the fact that the game plays impossibly well, also. If you want story, i promise, it is in there. If you don't, its one of the few games that won't waste your time with it. But understand this is a throwback entirely to when games made you earn things. This isn't a title designed to force things on the player, its ALL about the player forcing things on virtual demons. It's just there is plenty of stuff to find and screw around reading about with in between, if you want. And, imo, it ties together 23 years worth of mystery better than most will ever realize.