A Dreamcast Retrospective: Still Thinking

Eric Ashley from Bit Cultures writes:

"Some would say that Sega’s downfall from being a leader in the Console Wars to being a footnote in history began with the Sega CD/32X, but I actually felt it started with the rushed surprise E3 1995 launch of the Saturn that alienated retailers and developers alike.

But this article isn’t about the Saturn and it’s time that was cut too short. This is about the Dreamcast, Sega’s 128-bit superpower that attempted to go toe-to-toe with the behemoth PlayStation 2, and didn’t live to tell the tale."

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Eonjay1279d ago

Dreamcast was a great system.

Abash1279d ago

It honestly makes me smile every time I see a Dreamcast article, such a great console with a fantastic library accumulated in it's short life. SEGA was also at their prime in terms of creating new IPs and making new games during the Dreamcast era.

1279d ago
link2Dpast1279d ago

Most underrated console in gaming. I could remember countless hours of marvel vs Capcom , sonic adventure , so many more but I definitely have to mention phantasy star online hours n hours of my life so worth it. In the end sega may not be in the hardware business but they left a hell of impression and one last hooray with the dream cast.

P.s the boot up intro easily best one ever, ps1 close behind

Phunkydiabetic11279d ago

"Not only was Sonic Adventure the true 3D Sonic title we all wanted"

Settle down.

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The story is too old to be commented.