Sony Files For “G-Police” Trademark in the European Union

According to the European Union Intellectual Property Office, Sony has filed an application for “G-Police.” The application is filed under Class 9 for game software and  Class 41 for online game software.

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Null19801279d ago

Yes, please! I loved that game back in the PS1 days! (not sure how well it stands up today though.)

NapalmSanctuary1279d ago

Wasn't G-Police from the guys that made all the strike games with the attack helis?

thereapersson1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

G-Police was made by Psygnosis, who also developed Colony Wars and the early Wipeout games.

They were in the top echelon of PlayStation developers, and way ahead of their time for console gaming. Colony Wars is still one of the best series ever released on the original system, IMO.


I forgot to answer your question, NapalmSanctuary; the Strike games were developed by EA, not Psygnosis.

NapalmSanctuary1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

@thereapersson I was thinking of Future Cop LAPD, but I played the hell out of Colony Wars and thats probably why I've heard of this.

On a side note, it seems like the perfect time to bring CWs back.

SamPao1278d ago

G-Police I could care less. but...FUTURE COP L.A.P.D!! THIS is the game to be reimagined!!!

thereapersson1279d ago


The gameplay still holds up, though slightly clunky, and the draw distance isn't the greatest. However, the game overall is still worth a playthrough, more so if you grew up during the days of the PS1 but never got to play G.Police.

Null19801279d ago

Wish they had made it playable as a PS1 classic on the Vita. PS1 games always look and feel best on it, for me.

I'd buy it tomorrow if they made it available.

SamPao1278d ago

G-police is available on the Vita I played it about huh cant remember, but the store says it came out in 2007

Abnor_Mal1279d ago

Hoping this becomes real, next up Colony Wars please.

Hoffmann1279d ago

PS1 games are getting "remasters" soon for P4.

Think small improvements + trophies. They are ging to reveal it in a bit less than a month.

Germany71279d ago

That would be CRAZY, Hoffman!

Hoffmann1279d ago

As crazy as the ps2 games with only small enhancements and trophies :-)

Lionalliance1279d ago

Next Eihander please D: !!

pompombrum1279d ago

O wow, not heard that name in AGES.. was a great ps1 game though, would make a great VR game I reckon.

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