Amazon Digital Game Sales: Up To 75% Off For PS4 & Xbox One

"Amazon is offering up to 75% off on digital video games for PS4 and Xbox One. Games include Bound by Flame, Blue Estate – The Game, Quantum Break, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Just Cause 3, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition and lots more!"

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CoNn3r_B2450d ago

Some of these deals are actually pretty good.

XanderZane2449d ago

Looks like the deals are already over. Click on the links for Rory Golf and The Crew and the prices are not discounted anymore. Must have been a flash sale or something.

opinionated2449d ago

Bound by flame is every bit worth 10 dollars.

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Bathyj2449d ago

Ive never bought an Amazon digital game.

So hows it work, you get a code and you have to have a US PSN account?

SuperRaccoon2449d ago

Yeah, you will get a code right after payment. I'm guessing it would only be valid in the US PS Store, perhaps someone else here will be able to confirm.

I've used amazon to buy digital codes and the process is extremely easy.

Bathyj2449d ago

Thank you. Im trying to give you a Helpful Bubble but I cant seem to find the button. ;P

Kingthrash3602449d ago

Yupp they give you a code on the spot also in email....I've done this a few times

IceKoldKilla2449d ago

I've bought plenty of digital games and PSN codes on but you need a USA PSN account. But you can buy it with any credit/debit card. I used my Spanish one for years. Now I moved to London and will do the same with the one I get here. So cheap using € or £ to pay for $.

iNFAMOUZ12449d ago

freaking crazy how the last of us is still 50 bucks after years...still waiting to play that game, been wanting it so much but im not spending 50 bucks on it, freaking greedy sony, and people defend them

Bathyj2449d ago

Here you go. 18 bucks. I didn't think you'd mind disc only no cover since you want to play it so bad and you're so tight.

gums0072449d ago

Infamouz1, I have 3 words for you. Get a job!

LordMaim2449d ago

You know why products go on sale, right? Its not an automatic thing that happens over time for everything equally.

Miss_Weeboo2449d ago

The deals could be good, doesn't matter. If you keep supporting them, soon enough you'll need to buy a subscription to amazon just to buy games through them. Certain exclusives will only be available to prime members:

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gums0072449d ago

That's awesome, cause I love being a prime member!