A New Spider-Man title from Sucker Punch Productions Would be Amazing!

Spider-Man could perhaps be returning in a game developed by Sucker Punch Studios and TNT believes it will be amazing.

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esmittystud1011279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Don't get me wrong, I like SuckerPunch pretty well. I have Infamous: Second Son and First Light. Visually they are really nice. I like the night time cities they showcase. I fully completed Second Son, which took 30 hours maybe if even that. Then I followed right up and finshed First Light as well. Maybe 15 hours max.

I just need more than what they offered. I don't know how else to say it. Its just not large enough when it comes to missions/objectives/map size. It just seemed tiny compaired to pretty much all other open world games. There were probably enough collectables and all to find. But I just got to the point in both of those games, where there was just nothing left to do (bored) and there is no multiplayer on top of that.

Aloy-Boyfriend1279d ago

Infamous2 is larger and has more to do. Totally reccomend it. Amazing game

nX1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

And Infamous 1 had a better story and atmosphere than both successors. Sucker Punch is definitely able to create true AAA games and Spiderman would be a good fit.

naruga1278d ago

i dont like Sucker punch either ...also i dont like the idea of Spiderman games ...i was never attracted to ridiculous super heroes

StormLegend1279d ago

Don't worry about it, that was SP first game on current gen and that was one of the first games to be released on PS4. Without a doubt the next game will be amazing like Infamous 2 was.

therevolution1279d ago

While playing Uncharted 4 last night I kept thinking, Naughty Dog would make an amazing (no pun intended) Spider-Man game with that engine

jb2271278d ago

Have you played the other two Infamous titles? They are much longer & more involved. I personally really dug Second Son but mission wise it was a little lackluster compared to the other two.

As far as the maps & side content though, I gotta disagree about the size. The map was perfectly tailored to your powers & it made for a really fun time just traversing. I'd rather take a smaller map w/ unique areas & locations along w/ being packed to the gills with side content over a larger map w/ a samey feel throughout & side content spread far out. Clearing out the districts was some of the most fun I've ever had w/ open world side content.

The world & the side content aspect of an SP Spidey game doesn't have me worried in the slightest. I know for a fact that they can nail that stuff & that they can nail the actual character, abilities & movement of Spidey himself. The only factor that I'd be on the fence about is the story itself, but they'd most likely have movie guys or someone like Dan Slott or one of the other comics writers penning that so they should be golden there.

I also hope we have interiors...Infamous never really did much in the way of interiors & Spidey's rogues gallery begs to parcel out unique locations for each boss. I think of Arkham City as an example, where the interiors would each be themed around the villain inhabiting them. Keep that idea for Spidey, make sure to add in easter eggs aplenty, and this game could easily end up being the best Spidey game yet.

Darkfist1278d ago

I agree with you about short Second Son missions/objectives, but i desagree about map size(trying to make bigger map end up copy and pasting many locations), if the Infamous Remastered ps4 is true, then you should play 1 and 2, both have better story and villains to go with it.

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ninsigma1279d ago

I agree. They would be well suited to making a spiderman game. My one hope is that it's not a movie tie in if it is real. A from the ground up stand alone game is what it needs!

Ceaser98573611279d ago

There is good chance that it will be a movie tie in

Elda1279d ago

Hopefully SP are working on a brand new ip or another Infamous,please NO Spiderman.

mafiahajeri1279d ago

Damn for half a second I thought this was an announcement

corroios1279d ago

SP are good studio and i hope that they deliver.

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