Jace Hall Show: Episode 13

Jace sneaks a peek at the new Aliens: Colonial Maries game and Borderlands - then Jace goes to sneak a look at Doom 4 and Rage.

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morganfell3701d ago

The id portion is absolutely hilarious. As funny as it was to see Randy Pitchford walking down the hallway talking to himself, that crap with Tim Willits shooting was a frigging scream.

pixelsword3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

...His show is so refreshing.
"Oh, dude; my lemonade."
"The cops are going to pull us over!"
"This is Texas, people do this all the time here."

Captain Tuttle3701d ago

And informative. Who would have thought that Carmack is such a badass?

I want Borderlands now.

Relcom3701d ago

i love this show, its so funny to me

MK_Red3700d ago

Wow, awesome. Borderlands was definitly the highlight. The part with lemonade and Aliens gameplay was also AWESOME.

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