Why Uncharted 4's multiplayer is the perfect alternative to Call of Duty -

VideoGamer: Reflexes shot? Can't keep up with the kids? Over 30? Then let Uncharted 4's multiplayer welcome you back to the world of Being Good at Shooters.

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TwoForce1274d ago

Ok ? What ? Well sure, it's got mystical and sidekick aka "killstreak". But here the thing, the mp is refreshing and fun. If you purchase those mystical and sidekick, the cash point will increase. Weapon in this game are very balanced. I'm use AK 47 all the time. Other player use other weapons to kill. Some of them can be powerfull, but not OP. I can beat them with my AK 47.

seanpitt231274d ago

For me the mp is good but not great I can see myself putting a dozen or so hours in then getting bored of it but I just wanted this game for the campaign

I put many hours in TLOU mp and I thought they made something special there.

TwoForce1274d ago

Well, i enjoy UC 4 Mp just like TLOU.

masterfox1274d ago

the Multiplayer beta was a blast for me and it only had only 3 maps

Wallstreet371274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Im addicted to the mp, is just a beauty to look at and is so smooth. The dynamics of the game are top notch. Audio, animations, fun factor, gameplay, etc are all on point.

Only drawback wish there were more maps.