The Physics in Uncharted 4 Are Pretty Crazy

Naughty Dog not only delivered on story and visuals with Uncharted 4, they also made an action/adventure game with ridiculous physics.

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Wallstreet371280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

The game is a sight to behold and plays very smoothly. The physics and dynamics in the sp as well as in the mp are really great. I am finishing up the game but am also really addicted to the mp aspect of it.

the_mack_attack31280d ago

The multiplayer is an acquired taste I think. I think it's amazing, but some many people don't take to it, just don't understand.

Wallstreet371280d ago

It was the same with TLOU which imo is one of if not the best mp out of all the games ive played. I loved the stealth, crafting, weapon simplicity, etc.....

I wouldnt pay mind to some of the hate because alot of them are fanboy generated and have agendas. From what i see with every release of their mp there is a large community that loves the mp. Last year i went back to UC2 and found full games everytime so they are doing something right.

Do i think that everyone loves it? No i do not but i think the criticism we see on here is inflated by bias.

By the way just by winning, doing daily challenges and the trials i just discovered yesterday (yeah i know im slow on it) i unlocked so many things and its fun to do the challenges.

kenwonobi1280d ago

Once you slide down a cliff and jump off to grab on with a rope, only to jump to a wall that breaks apart into the ocean below. Where of course the water beautifully reacts to the falling debris.... That is when you realize what quality you are playing.

TwoForce1280d ago

Like i said, ND always bring the best.

Sunny_D1280d ago

Wow, I wish I could play as smooth as that again. Used to be easier when I was younger.

Wallstreet371280d ago

Lol good capture, looks soooooo gooddd.

BossBattle1280d ago

The physics are off in Uncharted. In the beginning when you're on the boat, changing directions has no major turbulence. It feels the same in the controller even if you're going against the waves. Then when you're holding on to a rope attached to a vehicle Nathan is drag thru a whole town, never letting go. It looks so off.

Aloy-Boyfriend1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Your comment history in Uncharted 4 articles tho...

BossBattle1280d ago

Thanks for the recognition. But at least you know I played it. I have a PS4 and X1. I'll also ripped a Xbox game if needed.

ginsunuva1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

@Bossbattle You must be new to trolling. I know some people who can give you lessons.

Volkama1280d ago

Well you know, that is the one part of the game Microsoft (Havok) are responsible for so it stands to reason it'd be terrible. Right?

joab7771280d ago

We didn't say it was realistic. It obviously is not and is not meant to be. But the physics in this game are sick. There was a vid about 6 months ago and I wish I could find it but it breaks down all the technical leaps this game has made over just about anything else to this date.

Gimme a break.

BLow1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Wow, ok if your going to nitpick then I can get where your coming from. But the article said pretty crazy not perfect. In your perfect world, yeah your points could be addressed. I sure in hell wasn't thinking about anything you said when I went through those sequences. I was too worried about not getting my ass shot off. But hey, obviously, when you play games you look for the "really" fine details. 0_o

Btw...The real issue is I only seen him eat 1 apple the entire game so far. WTF....Come on ND

Goldby1280d ago

my nate ate 1.5 apples ;) trophy and all

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The story is too old to be commented.