Now You Can Play Games Off Cartridges Designed for Smartphones in the Old Classical Way

A company that is crowd-funded is developing cartridges that support modern smartphones (Android and iOS). It’s bringing back the retro way of playing games. If you’re not big on digital gaming, these cartridges might be for you.

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Afrokk1276d ago

So you have actual physical games stored in cartridges, not in phone's memory. It has its uses.

phoenix_dusk1276d ago

You buy phones for portability not make your life painful than it truly is.

1276d ago Replies(3)
Afrokk1275d ago

Reply to your 2nd comment:
But having a plug-and-play cartridge isn't bad. As I've said before, it has its uses. Not for you maybe, but there are people who like this.

KentBenMei1275d ago

Excellent idea. If phones had good games with normal pricing (no MTs or heavy, on-disc, day 1 DLC) and physical controls then I'd be all over Mobile gaming.