The Division is Becoming Whole Again, Here's One Reason Why

Tom Clancy's The Division is taking a huge step in the right direction with update 1.2 releasing later this month, here's why.

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hardcorehenry1274d ago

For anyone wondering, article is referring to them patching in high level targets outside of the DZ so that you can focus on them without fear of being brutally murdered by your fellow players. Sounds like a good idea to me.

ScorpiusX1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Question now is this a one time deal or will their be more . (thier are seriously some disfuntonal people on this site, don't see how an honest question garners a down vote. just wow)

@Oschino what they have planned is one thing, but actualy following up is another . so asked sine they made no mention of any up coming updates.

Oschino19071274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

What would make you think this is the last update to add content? They have free updates and paid dlc planned until at least next year.

Lon3wolf1274d ago

Cool nothing worse than getting ganked in the back while you are fighting the DZ NPC's/Elites, shows so much skill that :).

Utalkin2me1274d ago

Thats part of playing the DZ. This new patch supposed to reward you with better gear then what it has in the past. So the "ganking", is only going to get worse. So this will be a more accurate depiction of what they envisioned for the DZ.

Oschino19071274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Don't forget new update also allows others to cut the extraction rope to steal your stuff. Basically make sure it's full with 4 bags (instant raise essentially) or cover it if less then 4 bags because it will wait for timer to run down before raising.

I usually don't bother with darkzone when solo outside of daily/weekly assignments or xp grinding unless I am playing with a group. With a group I enjoy extracting, supply drops, hunting rogues and occasionally going rogue.

kneon1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Never happens to me, but that's because I haven't gone into the dark zone since the last update. It's just become stupid, and now they've made it even worse.

If I've got nothing else to do I'll go on for 30-40 minutes and clear out the daily challenges, but that's it. And it's really pointless as I haven't, and won't pay for the DLC so there is no need to upgrade gear.

Duke191274d ago

How dare you enjoy something lol

700p1274d ago

I like how you got disagrees based on you enjoying a game lol

1274d ago
DMZ_P1274d ago

Do you think to HVT will drop decent loot ? Like 204+

rdgneoz31274d ago

Knowing Massive, not likely.

antz11041271d ago

Gold mecanix gloves...again lol.

Elda1274d ago

I'm still holding on to The Division hoping this update is worth while otherwise I'll be trading it in.

thricetold1274d ago

Same boat, played a bit and set it down. Didn't find it terrible or anything like that, just average. Hope this update reinvigorates my desire to play.

700p1274d ago

Yeah it's unfortunate cus it's a good game, but it's lack of end game content is what is ruining it. I havnt touched it in awhile but I do plan on playing it again.

whitesoxfalife19761274d ago

I'll admit that I was nonstop on the division some days 12hrs straight. 1.1 came out I was on that FL dam near everyday for those gear sets. All my other games was completely ignored.

My buddies that I plays with faithfully were like "dam WHITE" where you at. My G+ feed was filled with notification asking where I'm at..I had to take a vacay...Now 1.2 on the way I will be full throttle again, by that time I shud be done with the Forza Nascar pack. Those cars are just gorgeous to race....

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