Why Uncharted 4 is a Disappointment After Playing The Last of Us

Uncharted 4 takes its emotional cues from The Last of Us, before spoiling itself as it nears its conclusion.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Huh? Uncharted 4 wasn't meant to be a successor to TLOU. It was meant to be the successor to Uncharted 3...

Who writes this stuff?

CowbopBeboy1279d ago

Successor as in the next Naughty Dog game. Obviously not the next The Last of Us game.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1279d ago

"Uncharted 4 is a disappointing successor to a Naughty Dog game?"
Uncharted 3?

one2thr1279d ago

The smear campaign continues...

Xavy1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

U4 a critically acclaimed masterpiece of this gen is clearly a "Disappointment" a very "fitting" word to describe this game with. Yeah you have no agenda. Please tell us what kinda games you like? Oh let me guess QB, SO, i right?

nvm no click for u.

Aloy-Boyfriend1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

After playing the The Last of Us myself, I find Uncharted 4 to be amazing because it is a less serious and fast paced game. The only thing it disappoints me in comparison is the Multiplayer, but it is still fun. We should be content that both games feel different and that we can always go back to play both, instead of being the same thing or a rehash

I think that is one of the best things ND has done right when transitioning from one IP to another

Ezz20131279d ago

If you are going into Uncharted 4 looking for TLOU2
Then you have no one to blame but yourself
Those are completely different games with different goals.

Ratty1279d ago

They should not be compared as being games in the same line or series. They have their similarities but are completely different. Just because The Last of Us was amazing doesn't mean Uncharted 4 isn't. I played both games and I can't even honestly say which I prefered.

LP-Eleven1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I don't have a problem with your opinion (though I admit, i will take the liberty of not reading this article), but I think you knew what you were doing when you came up with that headline. It's the best way to garner attention.

I mean, had it said: "My Opinion Of Uncharted After Playing The Last Of Us", and had a different tone (according to the few that have chosen to read it, you speak much more from an objective point-of-view rather than a subjective one), you wouldn't have gotten as many clicks, and thus, it just sounds like that's what you were after.

Eonjay1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

If I were looking for hits I would be disappointed in Uncharted 4 too. Its literally the most popular exclusive this gen on the most popular platform with the most gamers. Even hot Xbox news is only as hot as its relation to PS4 news. People are attracted to negative news anyway

But seriously I like both. They are vastly different experiences.

And about the ending... its too hard to get into without spoilers but lets just say its not TLOU. Its Uncharted.
Loved the ending.

No, it never goes full on emotional in the same vain as the LOU but the tone is waaay deeper than any Uncharted before it.

DLConspiracy1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

@I give hugs

Not that I agree with this article but I could understand someone who is new to ND maybe feeling that way.

You also have to remember there are a lot of people who are new to PS since the 360. So some people got to play TLOU recently and may have been blown away by the emotional stuff it offered. It was pretty heavy. So they may have been looking forward to that kind of drama. Uncharted is different for sure but perhaps they haven't played through the uncharted series. In other words they set themselves up for failure.

rainslacker1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Potential spoilers for those that haven't finished UC4.

If I were comparing the UC experience to TLOU, and expecting a TLOU successor, I'd probably be disappointing too. I mean, no mention of what happened to Joel and Ellie? What was the fate of the Fireflies? Where did all the Clickers go? Who the heck is Druckley? Is the girl Cassie like Ellie and why did she have so little time in the game if so? Will she die so Nate can be the new Joel? I mean, 15 hours for my first play through, and I thought it was just a prologue to build up for TLOU2, only to see the end credits roll. What a disappointment. I mean the story of U4 had so little in common with TLOU, it's hard to call it a sequel. It's like slapping a different title on COD and calling it HL3.

however, as a sequel to U3, I found it to be quite entertaining and enjoyable,and a worthy successor and conclusion to the series.

GamingIVfun1279d ago

Uncharted 4 is the best game available this year, so far (unless ofcourse you just don't like the type of game it is in which case your opinion should be I don't like that type of game) No amount of bad journalism is going to change that, sure isn't changing how well it is selling and how many people love and enjoy the game, isn't changing how well the PS4 is selling. Just making a particular community look really dumb, desperate, jealous, un profesional. Not going to work this gen. Get over yourselves.

Kingthrash3601279d ago

Lol I'm taking note of the blantant Xbox bias you "journalists" are.
Seriously what's up with all the hate?
It's embarrassing.
Uncharted 4 is the best, most complete game ever seen in gaming. Tlou is also one of the best most complete games in's a ND game....leave it up to xbot "journalists" to make articles about nothing.

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magiciandude1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Honestly the game is a disappointment. I expected to play the very best game ever made but no it wasn't. Combat was mediocre, more than enough QTEs, stealth wasn't anything special, unoriginal story, etc. Great graphics though.

Xavy1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Says the Xboxfanboy, please go back to your Condom Broke the so called masterpiece as you predicted.

Genuine-User1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

"Combat was mediocre"


Here's a small sample of UC4's hand to hand and weapon based combat played by yours truly:

Same encounter, but now with semi stealth approach:

DillyDilly1279d ago

Can the Sony fan boys go whine about Metascore ?

BiggerBoss1279d ago

Magician, weren't you the one claiming Gears and QB were "AAAA" games? Lmao your agenda is embarrassing

Aloy-Boyfriend1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

"Combat was mediocre"
You suck at it. Nothing more

"More than enough QTES"
Pressing Triangle do push stuff are not Quick Time Events.

"Stealth wasn't anything special"
As opposed to what? It's not even a stealth game

"Unoriginal story"
Excuse me?

Rookie_Monster1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )


Even though I am a huge Uncharted fan and love it's combat very much, I do know it is not for everyone so I respect your opinion on this matter just like I also respect a few negative opinions on Quantum Break, Rise of the Tomb Raider and a few positive opinions on The Orders 1886 and Ryse. Everything is and can be subjective.

Like I always say, different strokes for different folks. The attack on you is unwarranted, tbh

magiciandude1279d ago

"Combat was mediocre"
You suck at it. Nothing more

I played the game on hard, aim assist off, and only died once...ONCE! How bad is that!? ;)

Inzo1279d ago

More than enough QTEs? WTF are you on about?

BossBattle1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

The combat was basic. You have 1 button to punch/fight. Triangle to get out of a hold. Then circle to roll away. It doesn't get any more basic than that. The game feels like it was rushed. I think Naughty Dog needed a few more months. But for the time they had they did a good job. But the Last Of Us is their best game ever. No doubt about that.

ShadowKnight1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

It was a lot better than Quantum Broken. I mean Quantum break. I'm still waiting for Microsoft to make a great exclusive. TBH I only use my Xbox one to play BC and old games now.

moegooner881279d ago

It is like you are not even trying anymore.

Ricegum1279d ago


Please come back when your Xbox One has any exclusive that even comes close to anything over 90 on Metacritic lol. Have fun with your mediocre games.

BIGBOSS081279d ago

this is as pathetic as it gets. passing an opinion on a game you havent even played.

magiciandude1279d ago

Like The Last of US, Uncharted 4 has repetitive combat that feels the same throughout the whole game. Not enough variety.

dafegamer1279d ago

you think quantum break is a masterpiece, and the game fails at many levels, be it narrative or as game design.
People should take your opinion as a huge grain of salt

ShadowKnight1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

@Magician Did Halo 5 campaign have variety? Nope. Was it repetitive? Yep. Was the story great? Awful. I'm glad I own all consoles so that I know if a game is good or not so that I can judge for myself. The best game on Xbox one is Ori and Tomb Raider IMO and those are not exclusives

trooper_1279d ago


Go play Quantum Boredom and quit pretending that you even played Uncharted 4.

magiciandude1279d ago

Expected Uncharted 4 to seriously blow my mind. Nope it didn't. More repetitive combat just like the other three UC games and TLOU. Even graphics aren't as good as expected. It has some issues like texture pop-ins, crushed blacks, jagged edges. Maybe Dark Souls III spoiled me, but that game is seriously the best game I've played this whole generation and I play it on PS4. People think I am some Xbot and don't even own a PS4, it's hilarious. But really, Uncharted 4 and TLOU are two of the most overrated games of all time, from a studio that die hard fans call the Naughty Gods. Lmao. They're just human. Now that is pathetic, if you ask me. ;)

Aloy-Boyfriend1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Users like you just like to grasp onto anything and the least problematic thing to try to bring game down, while turn around and have no problem with other games with more issues and maybe worse.

I find that more pathetic than people jokingly calling them "naughty gods."

It's like you think we are fools here and we don't know where your bias leans on... You called QB a masterpiece plenty of times and never had a single issue with it, yet with U4 there is a problem.

Yeah right!
No one is gonna take you seriously.

And you only died once? Bullshit!

magiciandude1279d ago

"And you only died once? Bullshit!"

You need to get good at games, because Uncharted 4 isn't hard at all.

81BX1279d ago

Dont get all emotional. The guy thinks its crap, clearly hes the minority but even if he dislikes the core gameplay he couldnt deny the beauty lol.

joab7771279d ago

What game did you play? And please use actual comparisons. The stealth mechanic is as good as any game I've played. Set in the open world with various ways to hide, the AI is actually much smarter than most games (though I played on hard). They stop short of you, take different routes etc.

To be honest, the combat is amazing. They drop you in encounters that seem impossible, but once you figure out the landscape, the weapons available etc., you make a plan and get through. The partner AI is damn good too, without being god like.

The story is phenomonal, there's a wide range of weapons, animations are some of the best ever made, especially in combat. Just the insane number of actions that can be taken is nuts.

Obviously, it's the best looking game I've ever seen, art direction etc. The acting is AAA. I just dunno where people come from on this shit, and I'm not even an action fan. I prefer Dark Souls and rpgs.

There's just no denying the sheer quality of this game.

kraenk121279d ago

You seriously think anyone of us believes that you own a PS4?! One of the worst X-men on here...

TwoForce1279d ago

Guess what ? Your reputation will be mark as low troll of gaming community. Sure, it is your opinion. But here the thing, you use your ignorant to get away with your troll. That doesn't work. I will judge your reputation for being predending and troll.

TwoForce1279d ago

@TheRandomOne What about you ? Here the thing, Uncharted is not last of us.

game4funz1279d ago

All true. Production values off the roof however. This game reminds me of Dragon age inquisition. Highly praised by all but definitely a worse game then it's predecessors from characters to combat and world.

Stereotypical_gamer1279d ago

I hear all the points that your making and I'll agree that they have dumbed down some of there hand to hand mechanics but I have to tell you that if you think the combat is mediocre and repetitive then I don't think that the action genre is for you.

1279d ago
ziggurcat1279d ago

@magician RE: "crushed blacks"

that's your TV settings/console RGB mode setting, not the game. Set your RGB mode to limited, and turn off any of the black enhancement filters on your TV (those should never be utilized to begin with - no one who knows anything about colour calibration has them enabled).

nice try, though.

Gol3m1279d ago

Did alright @genuine_user. I sheathed that part in my first play through

Gol3m1279d ago

OT if UC4 is mediocre but gears and QB are AAAA titles then UC4 has to be AAAAAAAA. And @TheRandomOne crawl back in your cave. It's nice to see you but you've come here to hate simply because hating is considered the hipstereo thing to do.

Realms1279d ago

Let me guess QB was way more enjoyable,unique and full of innovation.LOL

rainslacker1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

"Uncharted 4 has repetitive combat that feels the same throughout the whole game. Not enough variety."

LOL, and yet you praise QB which had less variety in it's combat? Use power, kill. Walk around. Do some platforming with occasional time manipulation. That's QB in a nutshell.

At least with UC4 you had different approaches you could take to combat. Not so for QB.

LOL. That's all I can say. I'll even say it twice. LOL.

Also, crushed blacks?

Sorry, played this on a brand new Samsung 4K 55" TV that I calibrated day one a couple weeks ago. It was remarkable just how much detail there was in the black, and white, spectrum compared to less capable TV's. Despite doing graphics for a living, I saw more detail in the picture than I do on my high end monitors at work. Best advice I can give to you, go get AVCHD, and read how to calibrate your TV. If it's a sucky TV, it will only get you so far, but will still be better. If you have a really good TV, the difference will be night or day.

I don't recall any texture pop in, but do recall some LOD draw delays at times when focus changes. However that was rare.

I saw some jaggies from time to time, but if that's a negative judgement of the game, you must downrate every console game out there, including DS3.

Bathyj1279d ago


Great example of how varied the gameplay can be in Uncharted and how you can play to your own style, which is how I like my games.

I think this sums it up nicely.

MagicBeanz1279d ago

Honestly your trolling and fanboying is a disappointment, stop pretending you played the game it wont work in your xbone.

Trekster_Gamer1279d ago

Nothing special but graphics, they took a queue from Tomb Raider as well in many cases.

morganfell1278d ago

Anyone that says the game had more than enough QTEs just proved they did not play the game. Period. What QTEs? You just pwned yourself.

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phoenix_dusk1279d ago

Jak and Daxter, a successor of Uncharted.

Ehhh do you know how foolish you sound with that comment?

CowbopBeboy1279d ago

As mentioned in a previous comment, it was a cumbersome title so it was edited. That isn't exactly the focal point of the piece - the 2,000 words beneath it explains the argument.

Utalkin2me1279d ago

It's young teeny boppers that want to be game journalist. They dont have a lick of writing skills to keep people tuned in, so they go overboad with headlines and titles and make random stuff up. That's why as a community we need to skip this garbage, dont click it or even debate the title. And just move on.

Chivas111279d ago

Next thing you know, they're gonna write an article saying Uncharted is a disappointing successor of Crash Bandicoot

trooper_1279d ago

All I can think of is 'sigh....not another one....'

Goldby1279d ago

I can understand aspects that may make people disapointed. While yes Sam was shown in almost all the trailers, the fact that they used him in the opening boat scene only to go back in time and see him "die."

I actually just recently wrote a review and in it i addressed this issue. When used properly, a characters apparent death/actual death can be a very strong plot point and help with the story. unfortunately for myself at least, i found that it wasn't used properly in Uncharted 4. if they had started with that scene when his brother gets shots and falls, it would have been more effective.

it still is a great game, and the title for this article is clearly for click bait purposed only. it was a little flaw in an amazing story, but it wasn't a complete disappointment

ravinash1279d ago

While I agree with you, there had been enough trailers and clips showing his brother in other scenes that we knew he was coming back... and it's not long into the game when he re-appears.
I think it was just a tool to explain why he never appeared in earlier games and constructed the reasons why they got into this adventure.

rainslacker1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I don't think it was meant to be a major story reveal, more just to establish why he's never been mentioned in the past. They didn't even go into great lengths to establish how that made his character feel, because it was unimportant as everyone knew he was alive.

Major story reveal would him being believed dead, yet Nate goes on his adventure to avenge him, or whatever, only to find out in the 3rd act that he was the villain all along.

That being said, I do recall the reveal trailer about the guy sounding pissed off for being left in prison for all those years, and how everyone thought that would be an aspect of the game story. Yet there was no malice to Sam towards his brother for what happened to him. Maybe a change in direction of the story at some point?

Erik73571279d ago

No...but he just saying that ithe just wasn't as good as the last of us...not saying it was so post to be like it. I agree, I like the last of us franchise more.

Majister-Ludi1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

God you are thick. He makes some good points. I thought the last of us is head and shoulders better than uncharted in every way except set pieces. The gameplay requires a lot more thought and skill since your ammo is much more limited. Even had a rudimentary crafting system. To me uncharted is severely lacking in depth compared to last of us which is why it's disappointing.

You people really are sad. Uncharted is not perfect so when an article happens that says so you all lose your mind. If you think uncharted is perfect you have issues.

rainslacker1279d ago

I actually think he did as well, despite my sarcasm to some of his comments in the thread. I did feel however some of his comments were off base in the comparison, because he's comparing things that shouldn't be compared. However, if one were to compare most games to TLOU, they would be disappointing, which is why it's not really a good idea to hold other games to the same standard.

I felt both games did what they did well. Both were different enough from one another to not judge one by the other.

Comparing them as a progression of ND work. That's kind of hard for me. They were both good in different ways, and I was looking for different things from both of them. I feel both of them delivered on what I was looking for from them, so I wasn't disappointed in either.

MRMagoo1231279d ago

we have a name for these sites now guys, from this day forth they are known as Para-sites

3-4-51279d ago

hahah WTF is craveonline ?

Do they only enjoy one game ?

destroyerz11279d ago

Remember kids, don't feed clickbait opinions. Stay away from what you don't like to hear. It will only give more money to those websites. If you love Uncharted, don't mind these clickbait articles. Just play the game and have fun.

ThyMasterDebater1279d ago

Just garbage article on this site today.

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Mr-Dude1279d ago

Lol, if you comparing TLOU as a successor to UC4 then you are really bad informed, and should't be writing articles like this. Hell, not even be "working" as a so called game journalist. Maybe go work as a amateur writer or something.

joab7771279d ago

I actually think they showed great restraint with the U4 story. Coming from TLOU, it could have gone off the rails very easily.

DLConspiracy1279d ago

We should start a petition against him to get this article removed.