Infinity Ward: Zero-G Combat Is Fast & Exciting, We Talked To People in the Space Industry To Do It

Infinity Ward described Zero-G combat in CoD: Infinite Warfare as fast and exciting. The studio also got in touch with folks in the military and space industry to make it all feel real.

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ccgr1273d ago

Looking forward to this game!

kaiserfranz1273d ago

Me too. But I think they should have focused on improving the core game instead of adding stupid gimmicks...I don't care about dogfighting at all

Mostafeto1273d ago

Tbh I am not, I don't want to go again into the future. I want the normal Call of Duty, normal soldiers, normal weapons with normal gameplay.

Alexious1273d ago

Well then you can just play Modern Warfare Remastered.

Paytaa1273d ago

@Alexious Then he's required to buy Infinite Warfare, precisely what he doesn't want to do.

Scatpants1273d ago

Play Battlefield then. It's better anyway.

Garethvk1273d ago

I cannot wait to see how this works.

OoglyBoogly1273d ago

Where are all these CoD fanboys coming from that keep downvoting comments that are even slightly negative? Is it like one person doing it? When they announced the game all everyone was doing was complaining about how it's going even MORE into the future and hardly anyone was excited for it so who is doing all the neg's on peoples comments?