Would the Half-Life series be even better if Gordon Freeman was voiced?

Tom from Untold Gaming discusses whether the acclaimed Half-Life games would have been even better had Gordon Freeman not been a resolute mute, and if any future games in the series would benefit from a fully realised protagonist.

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alexgibson1278d ago

I'd say so. I personally struggle with games where the main protagonist doesn't have any lines.. I felt like Dishonored would have been better if Corvo spoke. I think Deus Ex excelled because Jensen was a bad ass.. so yep, giving Gordon a personality would have probably added something. Mind you, half life is a mysterious sort of title, so at the same time theres some cryptic about Gordons silence.

c00lvilKid691278d ago

Interesting idea. It sparks debate, but I guess we’ll never know for sure.

joedom1278d ago

Gordon Freeman needs to be voiced by Morgan Freeman.

-Foxtrot1278d ago

Yeah it would be although since we've had Half Life, Half Life 2 and it's episodes with a mute Freeman it would be weird to just change it all of a sudden. At least make it so he is taking part in conversations but we don't hear it

If there was one character which needed to be voiced since it was more recent like Gordon it was Chell. I get the first game, it was something they didn't know would be be popular but the sequel should have had her talk. The dialogue between her and GLaDOS could have been hilarious especially when GLaDOS is stuck as a Potato and Chell has to drag her around.