Computer Games Rot the Brain by Boris Johnson

"The writing is on the wall - computer games rot the brain." Boris Johnson (pictured), journalist, TV wit and Member of British Parliament offers his views.

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BlackCountryBob5245d ago

Oh Boris, you were considered by many as the only politician worth caring about, mostly because you're funny on Have I got news for you! but now you just jump on a bandwagon to generate publicity, oh dear Boris, why don't you spend a bit more time having affairs with women and then lying about it (which obviously is fine and does no harm to society) instead of trying to be taken seriously, you just sound like a pratt! Go rugby tackle some German celebrities instead.

UltimaFire5245d ago

He should really let the kids save their game before pulling the plug. That way they wont have to spend extra time replaying what he deleted.

And no effort from Boris to get the kids outside? Ya know spending all your time reading may increase your brain power. But it still makes you a fat sh*te.
Maybe if they want money for their games, make the little gits work and do some chores for it.
It all comes back on you Boris, you give them the money. And if they have jobs, what ya complaining about. Plenty of social interaction and intellectual gain there.

RoadToRuin5245d ago

Boris Johnson has been the laughing stock of British politics for a long time now, its nice to him moving to a new area, which he also knows nothing about, for new people to laugh at him.

Sphinx5245d ago

This guy's incentive is publicity. He wants to be a more well-known politician. Well, now gamers know you, and don't like you.

Bebedora5245d ago

...where's that 'any keay' now?
...better order a TAB...<press>
..! No time for that. It's starting now! [homer S]

He must've seen the simpson episode 'Homers Disability problem'

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The story is too old to be commented.