EA Boss Originally Rejected Battlefield WW1 Pitch

EA’s upcoming title Battlefield 1 will take place in World War 1 as revealed by last month’s official reveal trailer, which went on to become the most liked trailer of all time. But it turns out that EA boss Patrick Soderlund initially rejected the idea of World War 1.

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pompombrum1273d ago

That doesn't surprise me, I'm still genuinely shocked they went along with it in the end. So far the buzz surrounding it seems to be paying off but it's still quite a gamble, especially to see how newer FPS generations who probably haven't even played a shooter from that era will warm to the lack of modern weaponry.

ginsunuva1273d ago

DICE will find a way to add bs nonexistent weaponry and call it "secret prototypes" as an excuse to have automatic handheld rifles in WW1.

InTheZoneAC1273d ago

pass, waiting for Battlefield 5 Modern Combat or Battlefield 2143(no jetpacks or exosuits)

Runechaz1272d ago

Probably it was not enough like call of duty