CoD VS Battlefield

NichBoy looks at the dislike of Infinite Warfare and the latest Battlefield Trailer, and does a little bit of comparing between the two series.

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iDadio1270d ago

Battlefield is generally for the more mature, it requires team play and has some amazing wow moments in multiplayer. Plus you get to try and fly a chopper and kill your squad.

CoD is good for pick up and play, a solo session, scrublords and if you have a fetish for being told your mother is more sexually active than you (and your father) realises.
Not to bash CoD too much I have played both heavily in my time but it just doesn't draw my attention like it used to.

3-4-51270d ago

* COD used to be amazing, now it's a shell of it's former self.

* Battlefield needs to step up with the WW1 game that are making as I feel BF4 took some steps back from BF3.

* The more strategic and pleasing to experience moments for me have mostly come from Battlefield.

I've played far more COD games than I have BF games ( only started with BF3), but the amount of satisfaction of accomplish a task or doing something difficult is more in BF than in least now a days.

I haven't really enjoyed COD since black ops 1 honestly.....although I have played every one except the new one black ops 3.

* BF going WW1 is a huge bonus that could potentially pay off for them in the long term by showing the rest of the industry that YES we really are sick of super future modern warfare type FPS games unless they are unique.