Homefront: The Revolution is getting a major single-player expansion in 2017

Homefront: The Revolution is to receive three single-player campaign DLCs, Deep Silver has confirmed, including a major expansion pack planned for release in 2017.

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Jayszen1272d ago

Pity the devs did not put greater effort into making a better game in the first place.

Chaos_Order1272d ago

Exactly. I find it hard to get hyped by promises of "it'll get better at some point." Just release a great game on day one and people will take notice.

DivoJones1272d ago

This franchise especially.. it had a lot to prove after it's first iteration and sounds like it failed to do so.

TWB1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

TBH if you remember, this Homefront switched developers halfway through the development. That has arguably had an impact to the quality of the game. Sucks, and they probably should have kept the concept, but start the work from the beginning.

Maybe I remember wrong, but didn't Homefront: Revolution switch the developer even twice?

TheColbertinator1272d ago

Switched publishers too

THQ - Kaos

Crytek UK

Deep Silver - Dambuster

TWB1272d ago

Welp, that seals it. Im probably going to be waiting out for all the content to be bundled on the same disc. They should have fixed the game by then.

Utalkin2me1272d ago

A bad game is a bad game. There is no fixing it unless they redo the whole thing.

TWB1270d ago

I dont know if the game is actually bad or just okay/mediocre (when they have managed to fix all the bugs), but I always expected it to be a basic shooter in an okay and quite open environment. I kinda thought that it would be chill and relaxing enough to play that kind of basic shooter at some point.

1272d ago
Sciurus_vulgaris1272d ago

I assume this game will flop; so what is the point of the expansions?