SnapMap is the Saving Grace of 'DOOM'

A few days following release, SnapMap creations are already masterpieces.

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_LarZen_1281d ago

Saving grace? The campaign is a blast!

Hoffmann1281d ago website on my blacklist.

Yukonsbud1281d ago

I'm going to have to try this out this weekend. I've played some of the campaign and multiplayer and really enjoyed it. But then I got distracted from DOOM when they announced Black Ops as Backwards Compatible.

CorndogBurglar1281d ago

This was a clickbait headline if I've ever seen one. The actual article even praises the campaign. So if they think the campaign is great then how is Snap Map the "saving grace"? Also, if the game wasn't fun to play then who would care about having a map editor to play their non-fun game in? Because clickbait. Thats why.