How Naughty Dog's 'Uncharted' Series Changed Video Games Forever

Where would game storytelling be without Nate Drake? A lot worse off.

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TwoForce1277d ago

It's not just change the game industry and genre. But it's also change gamer life and point of view.

battleFROnt1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

are you serious?
that's a little far fetched..

Thatguy-3101277d ago

Developers wish they can achieve what ND produces with every game they release. ND has garnered so much respect from the industry and developers alike simply because of what they accomplished on Uncharted 2 and the games that released after it. They set a benchmark for cinematic storytelling. With all that being said some still say Uncharted is a "Fraud" smh.

Omnislashver361277d ago

Oh puh-lease. ND is good, not amazing, definitely not from a storytelling point of view. Their games are Hollywood generic, banter is lame, jokes are lame, and trys to capitalize of a modern pirate/treasure hunter theme which is not all that amazing. They're not ALL that. They have good graphics, but especially last-gen their games did not look all that great. Gears beat them to the same level of quality years ahead of time. I just don't see how they're all that amazing.

DigitalRaptor1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

@ Omni

As soon as you brought up Gears, is when I noticed the agenda and realised that I had read enough.

Edit: Try reading the article. it's about methodology in creating cinematic storytelling, how they raised the bar for technical accomplishment in their set-pieces, and the impact is has had on other developers.

FYI - Uncharted 4 has some of the best gunplay ever produced. Better and more varied than Gears and I have played it enough to know, back when I was living with friends. You haven't played Uncharted 4. You go on about "same level of detail" but Gears came out when the Xbox 360 came out, before Naughty Dog released their game on the console that came out after it. The original Gears of War set a technical benchmark for the new gen. However, since Uncharted 2, no other developer except Rockstar Games and perhaps CD Project Red has bothered come close to the level of detail a developer puts into their games. It didn't take long for Naughty Dog to get a grasp on the hardware and outshine almost everybody else.

"I fail to see how Uncharted isn't shovelware"


"I'm not going to pretend Uncharted is any better"

Right.... so the game that sets the absolute technical, graphical benchmark for this whole generation so far is not much better? Now I know with more than 99.9999% certainty that you're trolling. You didn't even bother to bring up The Last of Us which has amazing storytelling. Actually please don't, I don't what to hear you troll on that game too.

Omnislashver361277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I really have no agenda. I just fail to see how Uncharted changed the industry forever with their 'level of quality' when other devs beat them to it. They have the best looking game this gen, but that's partially because they have the best system. When it comes to TPS games Gears has better combat and beat them to the same level of detail around two years ahead of Uncharted. And from a gameplay, story, and character perspective, I fail to see how Uncharted isn't shovelware. You have Nathan Drake, the 'perfect' type guy, perfectly boring. Face off against other 'modern' pirates/treasure hunters(how many crappy movies have that same idea), and have less than stellar gameplay. For one, Gears' graphics aren't good enough for me to consider buying this gen, and I'll even skip buying an Xbox One, but I'm not going to pretend Uncharted is any better. I'm skipping both this gen.

This is coming from someone planning on only buying PS4 this gen for RPGs and better graphics. Gears won't be my TPS this gen, but Uncharted definitely won't.

Edit- And that's exactly where I'm coming from- Uncharted simply hasn't produced anything that hasn't been done before. Technical accomplishment in setpieces? You mean larger environments? Yes, there have been large environments in games before, perhaps they haven't gotten to the same level of detail, especially since U4 has the best console this gen. But I could easily say Gears has had a greater impact because of perspective, using large set-pieces and forced perspective to make things look bigger, and cinematic effects in motion have had a far larger impact on gaming than anything Uncharted has done. Gears was FAR more groundbreaking and actually had an impact on cinematic storytelling. I've got actual examples- you- nothing. Nada. And you won't, because Uncharted isn't groundbreaking. It simply does what other games have done better in some, but definitely not all aspects.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1277d ago

ND is on another level. A new higher level which all devs should strive for, and some other devs have great potential to achieve it too (CDPR).

BLow1277d ago

I also would add Rockstar to that list. Can't wait for the next Red Dead....Just thinking about that game just gave me the chills....

DigitalRaptor1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Glad to see justification from claims like this.

Uncharted 2 sent waves through the industry, and then TLoU dropped a bomb. Naughty Dog were pretty much the studio that pushed mo-cap methodology into the mainstream and had developers caring to take inspiration from their ways of making a story-driven game, as well as the bombast of their set-piece gameplay being emulated by developers like Crystal Dynamics. Uncharted 4 raised the bar for both storytelling and the whole action-adventure genre.

Imalwaysright1275d ago

What? The first game to use mo-cap was a snes game

And here are a few extremely well known franchises that used mo-cap well before the 1st Uncharted: MGS, Prince of Persia, Virtua Fighter, Shenmue, Tekken, Final Fantasy, Onimusha and Resident Evil.

Also, there have been story and character driven games well before Uncharted so I have no idea of what you're talking about.

I agree that TR took inspiration from Uncharted's over the top set pieces.

DigitalRaptor1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I'm not saying that Naughty Dog were the first - I think you misread it - I'm talking about making it a mainstream thing for developers to catch on to as far as basing their storytelling almost completely around it. It's why characters have more nuanced animation in their in-engine cinematics than ever before. Without Naughty Dog there would not have been as fast a desire to reach the level of fidelity in human performance we are seeing now.

Imalwaysright1272d ago

Have you forgotten about Heavenly Sword? Other devs at the time were taking the same approach in regards to base storytelling around mo-cap and guys like Kojima and David Cage were as well in the PS2 days but of course the PS3 allowed to take things to a whole new level. I see it as a natural evolution that the more powerful consoles allowed but if we are talking about performances then ND games take that to a whole new level with guys like Nolan, Troy or Ashley Jonhson.