Ranking The 10 Best Psychological Horror Games

These are the horror games that will really dig deep into your head space and refuse to let go.

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Akuma2K908d ago

How can you not include "Outlast" on that list, that is the scariest game I ever played.........yes, even scarier than resident evil and silent hill.

Play it and see for yourself.

thelaughingwiseman908d ago

Psychological horror games are a different breed of horror. Eerie narrative, broken characters, confusing story lines (good confusing), ambient noise. Outlast is more of a survival horror.

TechTronicJunkie832d ago

Couldn't have said it better my self. Outlast is an awesome game. It does fall under the category of survival horror though.

Kallisti908d ago

What about Alien: Colonial Marines? That games so bad it will leave you emotionally scarred for life

BossBattle908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

Manhunt should be up there

thelaughingwiseman908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

Silent Hill 2 has to be tops on this list. Really fucks with your head. Nope it isn't.
I still like this list none-the-less. Spec Ops the Line is a great game. They did all their voice acting in one day.
Deadily Premonitions has that Twin Peaks feel to it. Corky type of thriller game.
Surprised not to see Heavy Rain on there either.

sdcard4gb908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

Silent Hill 2 is as good as it was years ago. In a David Lynch/David Cronenberg kind of way. Try to find something like it today from a big publisher, I dare you.
Heavy Rain is a cinematic thriller, not a psychological horror.

Zefros908d ago

see no evil should be there too.

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