Ranking the Final Fantasy Games

For almost 30 years the Final Fantasy franchise has amazed us. But... sometimes more than others. These are the best and worst Final Fantasy games.

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Deltaguy1279d ago

my top 5 1.ff7 2. ff10 3.ff6 4.ff9 5.ff8

iDadio1279d ago

FF9 is still one of my favourite games ever, I can even accredit it for hooking me into RPGs in a time where it was all Crash and Medal of Honour

Relientk771279d ago

Final Fantasy 9 is my favorite. An absolute masterpiece

jambola1279d ago

I've always loved 1 and 2, especially 2, they're my 2 favorites of the games before ff7 and up came out.

LightofDarkness1279d ago


1) VI (Total package)
2) VII (Almost on par)
3) IX (Back on form after VIII)
4) IV (First great FF story and ATB)
5) XII (Excellent open-ended gameplay and exploration)

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