Pokken Tournament Review - Is the best fighting game of the year on Nintendo's Wii U?

POKEMON fans have been demanding a real-time fighting game of the franchise since Pokemon Stadium’s release in 2000 - have they got what they wanted from Pokken Tournament?

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guywazeldatatt1275d ago

I still wish there were more characters to choose from.

wonderfulmonkeyman1275d ago

Yeah, it could use more.
But hey, DLC characters are a big part of longevity in today's fighters, so here's hoping they've got some things planned...

Majin-vegeta1274d ago

Yea for a game with 700+ characters you would think they at least have 30+.I also hate how they have two of the same pokemon with just different costumes.

EddieNX 1275d ago

And the Wiiu has Smash (obvs) Which is by far the best fighting game you can get.

Antnee5341274d ago

No sorry not true in the slightest, I'm still a 100% behind playstation all stars battle royale being better than most fighters. The game was just a gosh damn blast to play. The specials being the way to killing is still better than knockin a enemy off the side of the map

deafdani1274d ago

You're entitled to your opinion, of course. Good for you for enjoying PSASBR so much. But you're in the minority. Most people think the Smash series is far superior.

Me? I don't know, I haven't played PSASBR. :P

wonderfulmonkeyman1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Sorry to say, but PSASBR is actually just basically a Sony version of what is universally thought of as the worst game in the Smash series; Brawl.
But somehow with even less strategy and in-depth tech mechanics.
Hell, there's even a screenshot out there on the wilds of the net of the team behind PSASBR using a running copy of Brawl on a TV in the background as reference material while they worked on the game.XD

Knocking a fighter out of the ring takes so much more skill and strategy than merely building up a gauge then hitting them with one move. The advanced mechanics of the Smash series are also leagues ahead, with new techs and methods being discovered constantly that ups the ante and makes professional play even more exciting to watch.

PSASBR will always be just a Smash poser.

That's not to say that it can't be fun in its own right, but it will never be as great as Smash has become.

Antnee5341274d ago

I would agree with this, the game was so easy to get into. The controls were awesome, a noob could easily pick it up and enjoy. This is so hard to do for most fighting games.

gerbwmu1274d ago

When it's all said and done I think the Wii U will have a well remembered library because of some of the unexpected exclusive gems like this and Bayonetta 2, plus the other strong expected list of MK8, Smash and the like. Probably a Metroid and FX away from being a beloved console on the level of GC or Dreamcast