Honest Gamers: Galaga Legions Review

Pickhut writes:

"Galaga Legions has got to be one of the most handicapped shoot-em-ups I have ever played. Right from the very start, after your ship launches into space, the game will actually alert you to where every single formation will appear from. Hell, not only that, but it goes the extra distance to show you the path it'll first take when they appear on screen. But since your ship can only shoot in one direction (up), that should at least give you a semblance of a challenge, right? Well, a new addition has been added to your space fighter in this sequel: two satellites. You can plant these two buggers anywhere on screen, pointing them in any of the four-way directions with your right analog stick. You can place one satellite in the upper-left corner, another in the center of the screen, and you can have your ship move freely about, destroying anything else those two miss. I mean, with all of this going for you right out of the gate, Galaga Legions must be one easy game to play through, eh?"

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