GTX 1080 – What’s not being discussed

Issues surrounding the GTX 1080 reveal and launch

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2pacalypsenow1279d ago

Interesting read, was looking forward to the 1080, but now I think I will wait for AMD's response.

R6ex1277d ago

Good luck waiting another 6 months. Polaris is weak!

Shubhendu_Singh1277d ago

For ffs.

And don't believe the weak part. Just believe the performance/$ ratio. AMD has clarified many times that Early Polaris will be targetted towards mainstream cheap cards with great per/$. As much as GTX 1080 looks, it's still way too costly considering it is a replacement for 980, not 980Ti...GTX 1080Ti will probably go on for 750$ if this become trend.

Polaris will be coming to Computex too. Take this as a prediction too that there will be supply shortages for GTX 1080 (no not because it's awesome) but because they aren't prepared. Nvidia just wanted to beat AMD by announcing theirs first.

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conanlifts1277d ago

This article is a bit random. It takes fps from digital foundry and compares them to bench mark numbers elsewhere. Now digital foundry used the same stock hardware and compared it with the different cards. Surely this is more accurate than what the article itself is showing.

BossBattle1277d ago

Titan X is still the big dog.