Doom: Every Weapon You Can Use

In order to defeat the demon hordes you'll need some serious firepower. Here's every weapon you can use during your fight through hell in Doom's single-player campaign, and in multiplayer.

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MPGamersheep1275d ago

That is a BFL......ya know....Big Effing List...

skcej1275d ago

Yeah there were way more than I expected for there to be!

Orejillz1275d ago

I need this game. So. Many. Guns.

skcej1275d ago

And they're all real fun to use too!

Pongwater1274d ago

Great game imo. A throwback in many ways but it ends up feeling fresh because it's so unusual among modern shooters. Love the look, love the sound, love the gameplay, and I'm working on an epic co-op SnapMap. Between Doom, UC4, and Tropico 5 being included with PS+, it's been a great gaming month for me!