Top 10 Time Killer Games

You are looking at your Steam library, hundreds of games with a large percentage of them being games you most likely haven’t even played once. You most likely scroll through the list wondering what to play. You may even boot a random game up, but then instantly quit and go back to the same game …

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PressPlayBro1279d ago

#1 - GTA 5, if you're creative XD. Agree on Rocket League though, awesome game to kill time with.

Fist4achin1279d ago

My kid got me hooked on slither. Damn game gets addicting...

KingOfArcadia1279d ago

My current time-sink is Fallout 4 - I've apparently sunk 470+ hours into it since launch. I foresee that hitting at least 800 before I decide to put it down.