Cinelinx - Doom (2016) Review, The Best FPS In Years

I’ve honestly been more hyped for Doom than any other game and normally that means a huge disappointment when a game releases. Yet Doom is everything I could ask for with a thrilling campaign, a multiplayer that isn’t filled with gimmicks, and a snap-map mode to increase the longevity of play. Overall Doom blends everything we remember about the classics with new modern twists to become what is essentially one of the best FPS titles released in years. Welcome to hell, it’s glorious!

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darklordzor1276d ago

Damn...Is it bad that part of me was hoping it wouldn't be that good, simply because I have no time to play it right now?

Phill-Spencer1275d ago

I love this game but i really hope id gives us an arena mode. I did not expect much but was really suprised how good it is. Long and great singleplayer+ snapmap + decent multiplayer = great package.

DefenderOfDoom21275d ago

Most fun i had with a FPS in over a decade!!!