EA Not Worried About Battlefield 1’s Xbox One Partnership; Explains Console Marketing Deals

During the Q&A session of Electronic Arts’ Investor Day, the publisher’s executive team was asked if aligning Battlefield 1 with Xbox One with a marketing deal is going to hurt it, since the PS4 is doing so well, and how they’re going to make sure that the game does well on PlayStation as well.

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ninsigma1284d ago

I don't see why they would be TBH. It's only a deal on the extra stuff not the core game. I don't think that it will have much of an effect on anything at the end of the day.

Findingcrybabies1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

generally if I'm going to get a gimped version of a game then I just buy it at a gimped price. Or I will buy it when I get everything included in cheap edition after it has been out for a while. I won't be doing this with BF1 though. After BF3 and how broken and half assed it was I will never buy another game developed by DICE (after BF3 I have never bought anything with DICE on the box) so its a moot point for me.

1284d ago
Findingcrybabies1283d ago

@ Akurtz Actually its a statement of fact and what I will actually be doing come release day. Pretty cut and dry and not much room for interpretation there. Reading is fundamental.

SolidStoner1283d ago


you got a point that you will not buy it.. but I definitely will, have you played BF4 now.. it works like a charm now.. and after all these modern FPS any human being with some intelligence should buy BF1 just for WW1 and that great looking Frostbite engine...

Im like 1000000% sure this game will be true battlefield... the only worry point I have about this game is Battlefront SW... (its like a cut down demo with limited everything)... I really hope they make WW1 authentic and with many weapons, real customization and everything from old Battlefields!

pinkcrocodile751283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Excellent!, I assume you have the same view of future games from Bungie, Ubisoft, EA and Activision?

That makes a lot of sense, if they bring out a broken or sub par game, you should never trust them ever again! maybe take up Golf it's a very lonely sport I hear.

@SolidStoner - They feature horses in this game.. so it's as authentic as you can get... WWI used horses a great deal for British officers.

XBgamer1283d ago

Gimped version? What are you going on about. If you are referring to resolution then both are "gimped" as both will be SubHD and upscaled. Stop with the fanboy nonsense.

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_-EDMIX-_1284d ago

Agreed. As someone getting it on PS4 day 1, such a deal doesn't really do much for me. I'm still getting the game as that matters more to me then a few extras.

extermin8or1283d ago

Usually timed extras anyway what exactly are these extras us ps4 players won't get though out of interest?

Kleptic1283d ago

I'm assuming it's how BF3 was on Ps3...gets withheld content a week early or something.

I don't remember how they did that with BF4...I don't think any console got withheld content a week early, but the Xbox one got the 2nd DLC like the week it released...painting a clear picture of how BS'y all this DLC nonsense is getting...

it was ready...literally...when the game was an ENTIRE other chunk of DLC...China Rising and the remakes of BF3 maps were both shippable the minute the game is unreal to me what gamers put up with these days.

But anyway...I'll buy BF1 in early 2018 when it finally works correctly, and includes everything for launch base title cost...

Fin_The_Human1284d ago

Are any of the Battlefield games backward compatible as yet?

FITgamer1284d ago

If it's like other BF games they get the first DLC pack 2 weeks early which is irrelevant as far as i'm concerned.

GhostTurtle1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

They say they aint worried bc of the "EA access" partnership they got going with MS. Thats pretty much it. On paper and from a business stand point, your ass deep down is gonna have some sort of worry when your partnership is with a client thats being outsold 2:1 A "what could of been" worry.

But I do agree with you. Its not too over the top to stress out the top brass.

XanderZane1283d ago

Don't think anyone is going to worry about it. Everyone seemed worried about the CoD deal on the PS4, yet the game still sold millions on XBox One was well. Only plus I can see with this is that gamers who have EA Access subscription will get to play it on XBox One long before it's released anywhere else. I'm not getting the game. Haven't played a Battlefield game in years.

1283d ago
bmf73641283d ago

If anything, PC/PS4 sales will be unaffected b/c PS4 (2-to-1 on Xbones) and PC has always been the core fanbase for Battlefield,

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TheGreatGamer1284d ago

Why would someone ask such a petty question? I swear it baffles me that some people still fail to understand the nature of marketing deals

2pacalypsenow1284d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

I think they mean as to why Xbox instead of PS4 since its doing a lot better in sales.

Rookie_Monster1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Last gen, when the X360 was beating PS3 (especially in FPS nation USA), Didn't Sony have marketing rights to Battlefield? It didn't hurt EA back then so why will this be any different?

FPS still sells loads on Xbox especially with the Elite controller option.

Oschino19071283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

@ Rookie Xbox360 and PS3 were far closer in install base and sales for almost every single FPS game.

BF3 and BF4 though did in fact sell more on PS3 and has always had the larger online community on PS3 over 360.

Now Sony has a much larger install base and has the larger community for basically every FPS game on PS4 over X1 by a wide margin.

Abriael1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

It's a question from an investor. The reason they asked is pretty simple: "hey, PS4 is selling more, are you sure that we aren't gonna get less money?"

From someone that's there for the money, I guess it's a legit question.

_-EDMIX-_1284d ago

It is a legit question, but they might get more money from MS as MS is the one that needs it, then Sony which might already have some deals in place for other titles this fall and could offer then less.

They will sell more on PS4 by default so it matters not to them. I think its a good move seeking XONE for this deal. MS will offer more to have the advantage they need.

Fin_The_Human1284d ago

Abriel how do you know it was a question from an investor?

Can you provide link to where you got this info.


UltraNova1283d ago

Sony has the rights to COD which is releasing during the same time window, its only logical that EA partnered with MS for BF1 even if they knew they would make less money.

But I cant deny that MS might have simply offered them to cover any loss on their projected sales on ps4 to go with that marketing deal.

badz1491283d ago

What's funnier about this deal is, based on their recent games, the PS4 version will be the better version. At least 900p vs 720p.

XBgamer1283d ago

Some games actually sell better on Xbox one regardless of consoles sold. Just take call of duty for example which still sells better on XB1. And the same goes for UBIsoft games which generally sell better on XB1 and they have said this in the past. So again what's your point!

Chevalier1283d ago


" And the same goes for UBIsoft games which generally sell better on XB1 and they have said this in the past. So again what's your point!"

You might want to get your facts straight! PS4 sales dominate for Ubisoft.

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iTechHeads1284d ago

PS4 by far the most popular console. Not advertising a game specifically for it is a big mistake.

TheGreatGamer1284d ago

"a big mistake" yeah, no it's not. Thanks for the reply @Abriael it makes sense that it was an investor asking actually, I thought this was a press thing.

its_JEFF1284d ago

I'm sure EA would have loved to partner with PS, but they already have a marketing deal with COD. It could have gone down in multiple ways: EA approached Sony, but Sony can't cause of contract reasons w/Activision. EA approached Sony, but they don't have the marketing budget for it. Xbox approached EA and said "Hey, Sony has COD behind them. Let us help you sell your game". EA approached Xbox. We'll probably never know, but the fact is PS has a deal with COD ad Xbox has a deal with BF.

I've watched a few youtube vids of people reacting to the BF1 trailer. Some of these people say they're "fan's" of shooters and BF, but when they see the "Xbox" at the beginning and end a few of them have said "Oh, it's an Xbox Exclusive" totally ignoring the bit at the end where it says "play it first on Xbox." I would say if BF were to go exclusive on anything it would be PC, where it came from.

_-EDMIX-_1284d ago

I actually really don't think it is. You might have answered you're own question so to speak.

"PS4 by far the most popular console" Thus, its already going to have the larger install base buying the game.

XONE is not as popular as PS4, thus MS will pay more money then Sony will to aid in marketing. I think it makes sense and its a smart move on both EA and MS part. Its a win, win.

PS4 will likely sell the most copies, EA will get more money from MS then from Sony, MS gets to have XONE marketed with BF1.

I think the deal is solid and I get why its happening.

BlackTar1871284d ago

LOL who really cares. This entire gen started with EA and MS buddied up. it doesn't really matter but it's funny. I wonder what the reason for such a buddy buddy partnership when they though MS was going to be sales leader compared to now holding ground when they aren't. Surely those things kinda mash together but in reality who cares? EA has tried it's best to support MS even when they were selling a lot less so good for them.

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XBgamer1283d ago

Yes it's more down to people still fighting the console war garbage and trying to fan the flames.

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AngelicIceDiamond1284d ago

BF1 and probably TF2 will have marketing deals with MS. TF sold very well around the launch window of Xbox plus EA will take advantage of its own EA access.

stormswrath1284d ago

I actually think Titan Fall 2 may get a deal with PS because it was exclusive to xbox last time around so ea may want to generate alot of buzz about it being on playstation. That's of course as long as the cod partnership doesn't prevent it. Just a thought.

_-EDMIX-_1284d ago

Could be. Solid reasons for Sony to pay more for such a deal and EA to favor Sony in that regard.

EA would also consider that XONE already has an existing Titanfall fanbase. You bring up some solid points. We'll see.

Avernus1284d ago

Kinda baffling as to why EA would do this...

Everyone knows PS4 is doing better than X1, and BF1 will sell more on PS4...maybe that's the answer right there. It'll sell better on PS4 regardless, so they're trying to boost sales on X1 by making any deal they can. It's whatever at this point. As gamers we're annoyed that it happens, but at the same time we're kinda used to it.

Immorals1284d ago

Microsoft has a lesser install Base, so they'll pay more. Plus MS has a history of advertising 3rd party deals better than Sony.

Then there's the fact Sony has the marketing for Battlefields main rival (Call Of Duty)

ScorpiusX1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

I agree to the second bit of your comment , but the first sentence has always made me go WTF .
I understand install base as number of units sold , but why does everyone assume that number will equal out in games sold also . Seem every site you turn to someone is using it like a fact or some crazy reason or as logic of sorts . .

_-EDMIX-_1284d ago

Besides Destiny with Sony, "MS has a history of advertising 3rd party deals better than Sony" don't disagree with that.

Jayszen1283d ago


"Plus MS has a history of advertising 3rd party deals better than Sony." Right, like the piss poor marketing done by Microsoft for 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' last year which was also released on the same day as 'Fallout 4'.

Chevalier1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

As the person who handles the marketing at EB Games/ Gamestop I work at. Sony has a far better marketing blitz and are significantly more organized than MS. The Destiny marketing done by Sony single handedly destroyed every single marketing campaign done by MS. The advertising actually pushed sales of PS4 consoles. Where as none of the marketing by MS has increased sales much. Just remembering the pallets of Destiny PS4's in our stores enough to build a fort out of would say otherwise.

In fact MS has copied Sony's in store marketing design as of 2 years ago. Go into any store and look at how MS now mirrors Sony's setup.

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ScorpiusX1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

Humor me here for a bit ....... explain what annoys u .

"As gamers we're annoyed that it happens"

KiwiViper851284d ago

@your comment above,

I know right, its like the PS4 will sell 40m copies, and X1 20m copies by default...

Automatic791284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

@Castillo you make valid points. You would think some of these commentators would learn after the announcement from Capcom that Street Fighter flopped on PS4. Overall, having a bigger install base does not always equal to more sales. Further, to those reading don't misunderstand my comment you can also have great sales but it is not guaranteed. Overall both have healthy attach rates.

BitbyDeath1283d ago

If SF5 flopped at 1.4M

Then so did Halo 5, Tomb Raider, Forza and Gears.

Not to mention Quantum Break tanking massively in comparison.

You sure SF5 flopped?

_-EDMIX-_1284d ago

'Kinda baffling as to why EA would do this...

Everyone knows PS4 is doing better than X1" LOL, they do, isn't that why this deal is likely happening?

EVERYONE KNOWS PS4 is doing better, thus the higher install base will likely buy the game more then the lessor.

That means that Sony is likely to pay less then MS in regards to marketing such a game. EA is right to side with MS as MS needs this more then Sony does and Sony can sorta pick what they want, at their terms. MS can't.

Question this, how badly does MS want to "better"? Wouldn't PS4 doing "better" lend to MS spending more to market top titles then Sony?

Sony can choose as they are doing better and the most popular, MS must compete and pay big bucks for those deals in comparison. So it makes sense why this deal is happening.

'As gamers we're annoyed that it happens" Thats nice....who cares?

That is sorta up to EA, MS and Sony. Such deals help bring titles like BF1 to you in the first place.

I don't question how, I just appreciate that we still get such games in the first place. EA and MS and Sony's deals are irrelevant to the end user, you are not flipping the bill for the funding or marketing for either games so not really sure how it "annoyed" you.

Would you pay the difference that MS or Sony would had paid for marketing in you're final price of the game to not see it happen? LMFAO! Is it REALLY that big of a deal that you would PAY MORE to not see it?

Sorry but, its not really THAT much of a big deal as MS and Sony are flipping the bill that very well could have been passed on to the consumer or even held against the company itself. CDPR paid for their marketing for Witcher 3, it cost MILLIONS to market that game. Millions they clearly had to pay back, millions now not being used to make Cyberpunk 2077.

You sure MS or Sony flipping the bill for some marketing hurts you that much? Other smaller developers don't have the luxury of such deals bud.

Liqu1d1283d ago

As a gamer I can safely say I don't care about marketing deals. It doesn't affect my enjoyment of any game.

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detroitmademe1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

The title of the article is so telling 😂😂😂. go ps4!!!