A truce in the HD DVD and Blu-ray war?

For gamers, up until now making a decision about which High-Def DVD solution to adopt has been made mostly by which console you would prefer to own, Xbox 360 or PS3. Microsoft fans will mostly opt for the relatively cheap HD DVD add-on (a snip at £129.99), while Sony-philes will rely on the rival Blu-Ray player built into the PlayStation 3 to play their High-Def movies

But now the battle lines are about to get blurry as a hybrid disc format, Total HD, that works in both types of players is due to be announced by Warner Brothers at next week's Consumer Electronics Show, according to the New York Times.

Kevin Tsujihara, president of Warner Brothers' home entertainment group, believes the new disc is the ideal way for studios to make their products more widely available without "conceding defeat" for the format they were initially backing.

Warner is also trying incorporate normal DVD playback on its Total HD discs, combining both formats into a single medium - an idea movie buyers planning to upgrade to High-Def in the future will surely appreciate...

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Mikey_Gee5237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

If they start using this new format that works on HD-DVD and BR ... PROBLEM SOLVED !!

Plus if they stuff in the current DVD content as well, they will make many folks on the fence very happy.

Buy whatever player tickles your fancy and then all studios can worry about only supporting the one format (Total HD)

My only questions is what will happen to all the cool extra stuff I get with my HD-DVD when I use my "U-Control"

For those BR folks ignorant to the HD-DVD world, here is what U-Control is all about. This give U-Controls samples for the Fast and The Furious movie. Each movie is unique in many cases.