Used Copies Of Call Of Duty: Black Ops On Xbox 360 Are Selling Like Crazy Already

ThisGenGaming says "Copies of the Xbox 360 version of Call Of Duty Black Ops have exploded, and are causing by far the biggest increase in used sales for a new backwards compatibility game"

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Skate-AK1283d ago

Why? They are only going to run into people that have ruined the lobbies by hacking.

MetroidFREAK211283d ago

Haven't come across any hackers after playing all day... A lot of sweats though

sinjonezp1283d ago

played a little tonight on XB1. It looks and plays relatively well for an aged game. One lobby did have a hacker. He was invincible. Went 28-0. So they are out there but I played like 6 matches and he was the only one which, not bad, but still "sucks".

SolidStoner1282d ago

If there is 1 hacker you noticed, then there must be 10 more you didnt found out... not all of them are that stupid... (well they kinda are..) lol

anyway.. any game with glitches or hackers is ruined and not playable... and developer should be embarrassed for not fixing this.. especially on consoles..

gangsta_red1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

I guess there are benefits to backwards compatibility.

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Pancit_Canton1283d ago


This only proves that Microsoft would rather spend their resources on backward compatibility rather than creating something new. It's sad that people buy new console to play old games rather than innovating and creating new IP. Xbox one step backward.

1283d ago
Pancit_Canton1283d ago

@ Tangenital

You just proved my point that Microsoft doesn't have any line up for the next 2-3 years

DragonbornZ1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Wow stop with that nonsense. It's common knowledge they focus on what's available/coming in the present year and the next year rather than announcing games that come out 2+ years later and having people wait for em.

lastking951283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Giving both = step back? Lol you're not use to being spoiled i see. Good luck with the streaming 😂

Supraman211283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Why are you PS fanboys such haters for BC? Is it because Sony doesn't have it? Lol and this is coming from a person that only owns Playstation consoles.

showtimefolks1283d ago


sheeh you talking logic on n4g

we all couldn't wait to buy next gen consoles because we were tired of long last gen. but what do we have here. people want to play last gen games on next gen consoles

gamer logic

Oschino19071283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

@ lastking95, how is that cloud working for you over 2 1/2 years into this gen?

I know on PSN streaming is working great especially the Ps4 to other devices that aren't even built for AAA gaming. PS Now is only getting better and better as well with plenty more to come.

BALLARD321283d ago

Lol. As if Microsoft doesn't have several different teams/divisions working on different things at all times...

Rookie_Monster1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

@pancit and showtimefolks,

Man, I thought Not having BC on PS4 wasn't a big issue...but we were wrong as it is a big enough threat for you two and others that have similiar cause against Xbox One to keep commenting every time new BC games are announced.

Like the famous saying "Those that are the loudest in their threats are the weakest"

Keep commenting guys, very entertaining. :)

1283d ago
Sitdown1283d ago

And how do your respond to the Uncharted Collection, The Last of Us remake, and streaming ps2 and ps3 games?

Ding1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Supraman216h ago(Edited 6h ago)
Why are you PS fanboys such haters for BC? Is it because Sony doesn't have it? Lol and this is coming from a person that only owns Playstation consoles.
============================= ===

Did you buy a Phat PS 3??? You know the one that UPsampled all those PS 2 games [awa DVDs] to 1080p??? I still have mine. I also have a slim PS3 hooked up to my 4K Sony Bravia playing GT 6 which every other week gets new Seasonal Events from PD awa tracks designed by gamers... Is Forza 5/ Horizon2 of Forza 6 still being supported? Hows about Forza 4 [or 3/2 or 1] do you get B/C of those on the XBone???

There is nothing wrong with B/C but if there is so much demand, why tf did Microsoft discontinue the 360 before ALL the games were port?? Also IF B/C is that good why are people BUYING s/h copies of CoD??? Are retail games so shit on the XBone that people are buying old DVD ones??

And you people think the XBone isn't an utter flop and BAD for the Industry, or that S*O*N*Y!!! [lol] has to PAY for exclusivity???

I think not. Maybe MS discontinued the wrong

1282d ago
Imalwaysright1282d ago

"It's sad that people buy new console to play old games" You're going to pretend that people don't play new games on their consoles?

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Fin_The_Human1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Can you imagine if MS comes onstage at the end of E3 and says almost forgot to mention that XBox original games will be BC with the XB1 and everyone in the audience gets a free copy of KOTOR .

RosweeSon1283d ago

Don't need a free copy got one on my shelf but as great as it would be you really wanna go further backwards. There's nothing currently or coming up worry about the future it's why I'm not buying an Xbox one nothing console worthy that can't be bought elsewhere so far really Apart from a couple maybe rare replay but again old games that I grew up on. At the end of the day the 360 should have and could of been able to do it and they never bothered I don't see why they would now for Xbox one. Put them up on the store to download I can see happening sure. Kerching for micrsoft.

magiciandude1282d ago

I guess BC is a far bigger deal than what a lot of people say it is.

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Xavior_Reigns1283d ago

lol have fun hackers, make them mad.

DopeTech1283d ago

We got a jealous sony fanboy here, get over yourself.

Xavior_Reigns1283d ago

LMAO! Is that what I am now? Nah I was however a xbox fanboy last gen and was willing to buy a XBO but that youtube cancer of BGST and the rest of the morons made me not even want to own any MS products. Of course this is hard due to PC... but Im doing alright.

Urbz78701282d ago

@DopeTech that doesn't make him a fanboy he's just stating a con with a older game.

MetroidFREAK211283d ago

Haven't come across any hackers yet... A lot of sweaty try hards though

Lenrulesdaworld1283d ago

Please tell me you didn't let vidcasters influence your decision on an xbox, that's insane. Esepcially when you have other shots like TiC Podcast, the shop podcast and a host of other positive xbox or gaming podcast out there.

akaFullMetal1283d ago

I guess gamestop will be happy.

Callediceman1283d ago

just put my 10 dollar copy on hold for pickup tomm.

letsgopal1283d ago

And that's why this industry sucks balls.

1283d ago
Antifan1283d ago

And Activision, not so happy.

Oschino19071283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Why aren't they happy? You still have to buy DLC if you want to play everything with others... They already made over 1 billion with this game over 5 yrs ago.

sammarshall1021283d ago

Backwards compatibility has a lot of great games available so far

Kingdomcome2471283d ago

My favorites thus far are Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Alan Wake, and Dead Space 1.