E3 2016: What to Expect From Sony at E3 2016

Sony has revealed a press conference date for the E3 and here is what we think it plans for the event.

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Outside_ofthe_Box1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

All I have to say is that it'll be hard to top last years to be honest...

freshslicepizza1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

what was so great about it, honest question? that attachment you also showed is actually the problem with e3, only one of those games actually came out so far (uncharted 4) and that was shown the year before.

people went crazy over ffvii, street fighter v, and shenmue 3 but ever since then it's not been very exciting with the details after. street fighter v fizzled, ffvii looks to be episodic with no release date in sight and shenmue 3 looks to be majorally scaled back from the first one with no release date in sight either. to me the best showing was horizon but that will likely be delayed to 2017 to make room for ps4 neo and psvr to take center stage for christmas. the last guardian will get a release date but it will be march 2017, to combat the nintendo nx.

what do i expect for this year? much of the same. they will show more on detroit which will look awesome but won't make it this year, they will try and push gran tursimo sport to coincide with psvr because they will want a big game to debut with but it will be small scale too compared to previous gt games. more on horizon will be shown, more indies, nothing on ps4 neo so they don't risk lost ps4 sales because it won't be out until fall. then they will show one or two new ip's but again won't be ready for years. i also expect god of war to reappear and possibly the new spiderman game by naughty dog, that will be a great showing.

jb2271278d ago

The same is true of any show or company really. Aside from Bethesda & Fallout, games have taken longer to develop & are being announced further & further out, across the board. Look at MS, QB was announced at the reveal event & was only just released. Same for Halo 5, releasing only last summer after a long roll. Games like Cuphead still haven't hit, Scalebound is fairly far off, Crackdown may not hit this year, and we haven't seen any gameplay of Recore yet.

As far as last year's Sony conference, I've never been big on Shenmue or FF so those moments weren't that huge for me, Horizon was definitely my favorite one personally as well. This year's conference seems more primed to be geared towards more modern western games like God of War, Bend's new Dead Don't Ride & Sucker Punch's Spider-Man, so to me this one has even more potential than last year's.

Outside_ofthe_Box1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )


jb, pretty much brought up what I was going to say. Everything you said holds true for any company. Go look back at e3 of the other companies and look at the details afterwards. Pretty much the same with most of the games being games that have been announced before.

I'm not fan of shenmue, but FF7, Shenmue 3, and The Last Guardian were games that were thought to never see the light of day. Just knowing that FF7 is being made is satisfying for me at least as I'm sure it's the same for those that are huge Shenmue 3 and Team Ico fans.

Don't forget about Kojima's game for this years E3 as well.

freshslicepizza1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

"Don't forget about Kojima's game for this years E3 as well."

what could he possibly show in such a short amount of time? i will say one thing, he has a very dedicated fanbase. i've never seen so many submitted articles about one person and no content to actually show.

Germany71278d ago

Crash Bandicoot
Spider-Man by Sucker Punch
God of War 4 with nordic settings

I really hope so.

NukaCola1278d ago

If they drop SP's Spiderman! I think this is the most excited I have been for a rumor in ages!

TheTony3161278d ago

I hope for:

Crash Bandicoot
FF7 remake gameplay
Shenmue 3 gameplay
God Of War 4

ninsigma1278d ago

I expect a great show as always! Last year was incredible so good luck to them topping it! Really hoping for more ff7R gameplay and a release date announcement. Seeing crash come back would be cool. Spiderman game confirmation as well please! The last of us 2 would be huge as well and ni no kuni gameplay!

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