Opinion: Nostalgia shouldn't be a driving force behind new games

A remake or reboot is always a tricky thing to handle. You've got the nostalgic memories of what made the thing you're rebooting so special and the source material to create new and innovative ways to expand it to a new group of people. Which route do you go? Satisfy the oldies who made the material popular from the beginning or try to reach a new audience that could potentially like it more?

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DefenderOfDoom21273d ago

Comparing 'Full House' to 'DOOM'? WT???/ Dumbest article i ever read on N4g !

Kallisti1273d ago

If someone made a DOOM mod where you get to murder the cast of full House, I'd be down for that :)

MoveTheGlow1273d ago

"Empty House" needs to become a SnapMap.

KentBenMei1273d ago

It can be for some, and even should be.

sdcard4gb1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

It's not about nostalgia, it's about honor.
If the reboot or remake are not devoted to the principles of the original game or series then it has no need to be called by the same name.
Example of a good reboot: DOOM is devoted to being this fast-paced shooter with no limitations to how many weapons you carry, is all about constantly exploring the area for secrets, keys and doors, replenishment items, doesn't give a rat's ass if it's unrealistic, is astoundingly gory and has a classic mute protagonist with clear craving for blood of otherworldly demons.

Example of a bad reboot: DmC: Devil May Cry - a game that simplifies the combat exponentially, makes bosses feel not challenging at the very least, is technically worse then the game in the series that came 5 years before, doesn't make emphasis on highly action packed cinematics in between gameplay and is not self-aware enough to be called Devil May Cry.

The thing is that today old gaming companies are too scared to start a new series because of possible money losses, so they make new games in the series that are already established in order to provide themselves with free advertisement. Because names sell very well.

So sorry, dear author, but nostalgia SHOULD be a driving force for NEW games in the OLD series.

1273d ago
Pongwater1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I think it's less about nostalgia and more about what works. Even the best and most creative new games borrow from the past in one way or another.

Edit - Loved Doom 1 and 2 back in the day on PC. Also loved the PS1 Doom games. Bought a Doom Collection on PS3. Safe to say I enjoy old school Doom, but I'm loving the new Doom. Didn't buy it for the competitive multiplayer at all but I know I'll play it at times. I'm in it for the campaign and the user created co-op maps. Those more than justified a day one purchase from me. Love the fast bloody battles and glory kills, and love the way they changed the chainsaw. Great atmosphere and sound. A few sketchy animations here and there but overall I'm having a blast.

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