Call of Duty: Black Ops Officially Backward Compatible on Xbox One

Microsoft has confirmed Call of Duty: Black Ops is now backward compatible on Xbox One.

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prdodd1282d ago

The multiplayer stunk, but I really enjoyed the campaign in the first Black Ops. Haven't really enjoyed any COD campaigns since.

Paytaa1282d ago

I thought both were pretty good. Multiplayer wasn't as good as MW2 before it, but it had a better variety of gametypes. I would spend hours on the Wager matches like Gun Game and Sticks and Stones.

Surely the last Call of Duty I enjoyed thoroughly.

FPSFox1282d ago

Woa, really?... Blops is actually my favorite MP. Everything after this game felt increasingly fast till it got stupid IMO. Blops 2 is the -worst- in MP I feel as everyone just runs around at super speed spraying with SMGs. Not satisfying to me at all.

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Rookie_Monster1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Now we know why MS removed the coming soon BC games tab with Black ops on it. It is not coming soon anymore, it is here. Great work Phil and team. Love these constant updates to our favorite X360 games on XB1 and now with multidisc games, it will be even more glorious for xbox one gamers. Truly a console "For the gamers"

christocolus1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

"Now we know why MS removed the coming soon BC games tab with Black ops on it. It is not coming soon anymore, it is here. Great work Phil and team"

Lol. You are spot on Rookie.


Lmao XD. Dude your weird little rant was hilarious to read. Fyi I got a PS4 and i got UC4 too but that doesn't stop me from enjoying COD Blackops too. BC is very cool. You can hate it all you like but it's an awesome feature. No amount of hate or denial can change that. deal with it bro.

Ricegum1282d ago

Lol you and Rookie hyping Black Ops 1 as a game changer for the Xbox One lmao. You really are deluded, "console for the gamers"? Mate, it's an old 360 game haha, anyway back to Uncharted 4 for me, this is a game for the gamers.

gangsta_red1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Are you sure Rookie, I was under the impression that they were dropping support of BC.

I think we should wait until next month's offerings to see if MS will continue to support this feature.

ShadowKnight1282d ago

I don't think he's sure. He also said that the Xbox 2 will be announce at E3, I can't wait for that!!!!!!!!

DeadManMMX1282d ago

....they are not going to drop support for this feature. They have said over and over again they want us to be able to bring our digital purchases into the future with us. Now that there is an emulator the only thing standing in the way is the actual companies to allow us access to it. Capcom being among the stingiest because of their remastering strategy. I haven't seen anything as an indicator that they would stop support not when new games have been announced almost weekly for the last couple of months. Where do people get this stuff?

akurtz1282d ago

you always make me smile rook

Fin_The_Human1282d ago

Lol I feel sorry for those people in the other article about MS removing it and jumping to assumption that MS was cancelling the BC program.

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annoyedgamer1282d ago

They must have finally read my angry e-mails.

gangsta_red1282d ago

Can you send them an email about Sonic All Star Racing Transformed please.

annoyedgamer1282d ago

Yes in a minute, right after I chastise them for not letting me use my Logitech headset.

Fin_The_Human1282d ago

Also send them an email about Red Dead and Lost Odessy.

Eonjay1282d ago

Nice. The backwards compatibility program is one of the best features of the Xbox One. I wish both consoles were fully backwards compatibly like the Wii U... but this is still far better than nothing.

DeadManMMX1282d ago

The Wii U and nintendo have the worst example of BC. Yes you can play physical games but you still have to rebuy all of the digital content you purchased on Wii.

DragoonsScaleLegends1282d ago

For only a dollar you get a better version than the Wii had.