Kojima reveals full character render of Ludence, the mascot of his new studio

Kojima has released a high quality render of Ludence / Ludens, the mascot of the new studio. He also provided some information on what this character represents.

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phoenix_dusk1275d ago

Looks like a gundam what was that called ahhh Tallgeese, I think.

naruga1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

not so impressed, looks like a Big Boss suit with a helmet ...Shinkawa although supertalented needs support form additional artists, this obviously comes from one man. MGS had a lot more people working on art except Shinkawa in order to deliver the excellent designs- especially in mGS4 ...however this is generally a good concept art

LOL_WUT1275d ago

Agreed. Kojima should've just went with a horror game. ;)

Loadedklip1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Hard to tell ...

naruga1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

@LOL i would prefer again a TPS-action title from Kojima ...but not so heavy on stealth and not again human enemies ...

SolidStoner1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I really want metal gear 6... similar what was MGS2, 3 and 4.... 5 was good, but different!

I really wish Kojima makes military theme from past.. he really knows how to create a realistic and great looking game with goofy/weird/funny stuff... MGS3 best example.. realistic jungle and story, yet boss battles are from other worlds...

and those history lessons, music... ahhh.. its just have to be 60's, 70's, 80's... it is his time after all!

Edit: Maybe something like terminator.. best from both worlds.. future and past! Horror also good idea..

bouzebbal1274d ago

looks ordinary to me.
Looking forward to his next game. Probably a teaser at VGA

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DarXyde1275d ago

Talgeese is a mobile suit, but not a Gundam ;)

I can't take the name Ludens seriously. Isn't that a cough drop?

That aside, it totally looks like the FOX Engine. I am not at all complaining, I think it's awesome. Makes your wonder how that came to pass. I also must smile warmly at Ludens' suit being called the EVA suit.

Kojima and his references. :)

I'd love to see the studio's game very soon.

NewMonday1275d ago

this proves my theory, I said this a few days ago:
"- it will be about Ironman sized mecha not giants.

- almost all Kojima games are unofficially part of a timeline, the Kojiverse, so I guess the game will be set sometime between MGS and ZoE, probably just after the Policenauts/Snatcher era"

"frontier spirit" means this is the first point in the timeline when humans start to expand outside earth and the moon, they didn't yet at the era of S/P but they colonized Mars in the ZoE era

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Edito1274d ago

Nothing to do with Gundam... more like Pacific Rim.

ravinash1274d ago

Undead space knight.... I like it.

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Pancit_Canton1275d ago

Kojima making Dead

I would love for Kojima to make a survival horror game in space.

1275d ago
Hold_It1275d ago

Looks like a White Knight. I guess you can say that's fitting.

CaptainFaisal1275d ago

If this was call of duty , people would be on a rampage and ready to kill. But its Kojima thats cool :)

GameBoyColor1275d ago

It's a solid concept art though. Unlike cod being a solid game

Timesplitter141275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Well that's because we already know in advance that a COD game will do absolutely everything in its power to avoid exploiting any interesting ideas.

At least with a Kojima game, we know there's potential

(also, it's not 100% clear if this character is actually part of a game, or if he's only the studio mascot.)

Salooh1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Please , this is not your place if you think filthy like that..

Twinblade1275d ago

So the character is a walking skeleton?

NerveGearneeded1275d ago

probably a face mask it looks like it can be removed.

Twinblade1275d ago

Maybe, as Omnilash stated, it could be some kind of xray mask, which would be cool and terrifying for his enemies.

k2d1275d ago

A Metaphor? An X-ray? Art - absolutely.

Segata1275d ago

Hey who turned out the lights.Hey who turned out the lights.Hey who turned out the lights.Hey who turned out the lights.Hey who turned out the lights.Hey who turned out the lights.Hey who turned out the lights.

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