Kantan Games CEO: Resident Evil 7 Will Be a “Clean Slate,” to Be Announced at E3

Dr. Serkan Toto CEO of Tokyo-based consultancy firm Kantan Games has some interesting information to share today about the rumored Resident Evil 7.

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-Foxtrot1274d ago

Reboot-retelling. Worked for Ratchet and Clank

Just do what they did the first time with the Resident Evil Remake, update it, new puzzles, add more backstory and make the mansion bigger. Maybe more rooms or update the mansion layout it's self.

Majin-vegeta1274d ago

Cant forget tank controls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-Foxtrot1274d ago

Hey tank controls or not they still beat RE6 all together.

Besides I think the RE5 DLC within the Spencer Mansion shows over the shoulder can work in a indoor place like that.

naruga1274d ago

Capcom for me has lost all its credibility as developer ...Bad SF5, garbage RE with RE4,5,6 and Revelations, worst than garbage Devil may Cry (DmC)and Lost Planet 3 ...i dont think they have the potential to doctor RE so much, in order to reverse the super-negative status for their company

ZeroX98761274d ago

I didn't mind the tank controls in older titles. Back then, I was 10 years old when I played my first resident evil game and it scared me out pretty bad (along with Dino Crisis!).

But today, seeing my character not being able to run properly like a normal human would, I don't know if I would like it as much as back then. I don't mind the more slow pace gameplay, but just make the enemy with more mobility than you do.

it's the run and gun that feels unreal in lots of games nowadays. I tried many guns in my life and running while shooting, LOL it takes away your accuracy a LOT!
The need to stop before shooting makes you think twice before choosing a shooting spot (Nemesis doesn't help either!)

_-EDMIX-_1274d ago

@Fox- agreed. "Besides I think the RE5 DLC within the Spencer Mansion shows over the shoulder can work in a indoor place like that" agreed 10x! lol

I want RE survival back! lol. Best survival horror game I've played in the last 10 years was Evil Within. If RE7 is more bro dude shooter junk, I'll skip it just as fast as I skipped RE6.

No love lost. If its not about survival with limited ammo, health, saves...ZOMBIES, no buy. Some core things should have never been removed from that series. They could have just made those action games a different Resident Evil IP and called it a day, instead they removed the features from the originals when they could have just had both.

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_-EDMIX-_1274d ago

@Fox- "Just do what they did the first time with the Resident Evil Remake" DREAM!

TC7311274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

"We did literally everything with RE6 and people still didn't like it. Hmm...let's remake the remastered remake of RE1!"

TheCommentator1274d ago

They'd better go back to the classic slow moving zombies, and original theme of Umbrella being a company working on B.O.W.'s. The pacing and puzzle solving, the odd camera angles adding tension and atmosphere, even the RC car controls all need to return. Maybe they can hybridize the forced camera system in tight spaces with an over the shoulder TPS during crazy watercooler events and boss battles?

Timesplitter141274d ago

being TOO stuck in the past isn't a great idea either...

TheCommentator1274d ago

I know, that's why I'd suggested that certain parts could be over the shoulder TPS. A quick cutscene could trigger the change between control styles. There wasn't another game ever produced that gave me anxiety like the classic RE did, not knowing what was around the next corner, the quiet rooms, the investigation and puzzle solving, not knowing when the stuff would hit the fan next, limited resources, confined spaces...

To temper that with situations done in an over the shoulder TPS would allow for faster paced combat where lots of ammo is available, more akin to the recent titles. It could be the best of both worlds, as opposed to something completely different.

Sevir1274d ago

They don't need anything more than thematically nailing the survival horror roots it came from. Tense brooding atmosphere, slower paced action, limited ammo, great puzzles and less back tracking and a story that fits the lore of resident evil... the things about previous games in the original trilogy was the fact that the final moments lead to more darker set ups for the following games, RE ended escaping the mansion, only to find the northern mountain community of Raccoon City was effected... He2 end with the set of of All of Raccoon City Infected...

They need to set things up where the game doesn't necessarily have a happy ending, even though you survived the plot it eventually sets up bigger stakes while concluding that current entry.

We don't need tank controls, we don't need slow moving protagonists... we need them able and agile but also at a disadvantage if what they are facing is inherently more agile, and dangerous.

Seriously, drop the Zombies, we've played zombie games, zombies aren't scary anymore, don't put us against slow moving mindless fodder and not expect us to be using serious seasoned characters like Leon and Chris in a way that's action oriented. Give us Enemies from a bio weapons that are smart, terrifying and sophisticated.

And they don't need to be ridiculous as a scientist turning into a mutated T-Rex or Dragon...

We need a back to basics on Theme, on Genre but smart on modern game design practices and mechanics..

You want Horror or survival done right, look at Evil Within or The Last of Us, Dead Space or Dead Space 2...

Fin_The_Human1274d ago

Yeah motor bike riding zombies killed it for me.

Let alone a zombie that can fire an AK47 with accurate aiming.

RPG12011274d ago

Survival Horror, PUH-LEASE.

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