Titanfall 2 Will Be “Fast and Fluid” EA Thinks it’ll Help Grow 25% Market Share with Battlefield 1

During Electronic Arts’ Investor Day, executives from the company talked about Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming Titanfall 2, that will be released this fall for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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phoenix_dusk1283d ago

Well if it can't grow more than 25% marketshare with the PS4 userbase coming in then the Titanfall exclusivity on Xbox One and PC was a mistake.

Abriael1283d ago

He means the total shooter marketshare, basically pushing aside other shooters from other companies.

MachuchalBrotha3161282d ago

Who cares? Titanfall 2 will correct any mistakes. Atleast Xbox and PC players got a great shooter, tho not without its flaws. If they can just add some things here and there TF2 will be Epic!

Antnee5341282d ago

The thing was the mechs ruined the game. I really liked playing as a human, but up against a robot took way to long to destroy said robot. It was unbalanced and almost made the game unplayable in modes in which it allowed the robots.

poppinslops1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

You're categorically wrong - taking down a Titan is easy... just cloak, hit 'em with a pulse-mine/grenade then jump on their backs and blast away - they'll go down quick-smart.

That, or get up high and pick them off from a distance... the 'heat-seeking' Archer will do most of the work for you.

If you want Titanfall without mechs, you should go play Blops3... personally, I can't wait to get my hands on that sword-wielding Titan - it's the #1 thing I wanted in the sequel.

hardcorehenry1283d ago

Titanfall + BF1 is an insane 1-2 punch. I'm hyped for both. Bf1 in particular. Not even considering COD..

danny8181282d ago

same!!! im hyped for both games and the fall is really gonna feel like forever.

1282d ago
WeaseL1282d ago

Looks like Sony has the marketing on this with MS opting for BF1.

BLow1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Maybe but I doubt it. Apparently, MS put up a lot of money for the 1st game so I think some kind of DLC will be in place for X1. Plus, with MS and Peter Moore...cough cough... EA being buddy-buddy these days it makes sense.

And last we, wouldn't even be getting a sequel if the first one bombed which it didn't. It will be interesting though to see how it sells on PS4 though. I remember when the game was announced exclusive X1 and all the um " attention" it got after release. We will see if if all of those people stick to their guns. But this is also a comment section where you can lie through your teeth and stir up trouble...I will keep my eye out on this especially if it has a single player.....

Antnee5341282d ago

Why single player? It will just be an on the rails kind of adventure, with maybe a step to the side of the rails then back on. There is no good fps single player cause they are all the same lifeless experience.

Asuka1282d ago

EA is in a pretty good spot with their shooters. BF1 for those who are looking for boots-on-the-ground experience, and titanfall 2 for those who looking for future combat. Whereas Activision has CoD and no real answer for fans that want boots-on-the-ground (i dont count cod4 remaster because you have to buy infinite warfare with it)