Dark Souls 3 First Person Mode

Do you love Dark Souls 3? Do you miss the first person experience of Skyrim? Then heck, let’s marry the two together!

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Duke191278d ago

VR in this game would be terrifying

SolidGear31278d ago

Probably die for real xD

Timesplitter141278d ago

except non-roomscale movement and VR don't really go hand in hand

Duke191278d ago

Meant it as more of a joke - I realize its not actually possible for VR

Timesplitter141278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

It always surprises me how people manage to hack these functionalities into games without having access to the real sources or editor tools (or do they?)

wscarborough141278d ago

This is definitely something I would do. Totally.

sunofnihility1278d ago

That was pretty awesome. Had to turn down the volume because of that horrendous song though.

MasterCornholio1278d ago

I still prefer 3rd person.

But it's a neat mod though.