RAZER Announces Overwatch Hardware -

RAZER has announced a new lineup of Overwatch themed gear. The new gear is stylish and versatile and looks to help gamers take their game to the next level.

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Imp0ssibl31274d ago

Super stylish as all the Razer products

Garethvk1274d ago

Looks good, reskinning of current items but for fans it could be a nice touch. I am not as big on themed products all the time but I have had some that were very good and added a new dimension of fun.

pompombrum1274d ago

Too bad their build quality rarely matches their visual style... my experience with Razer products has been far too iffy for me to give them another chance, went with Corsair for my current Keyboard/Mouse and won't ever go back to Razer's plastic crap.

Garethvk1274d ago

My issues with them are on the marketing and press relation side. I have found the items to be solid and effective, but I do understand there are some models that have issues. Lately I have been enjoying Logitech, SteelSeries, Turtle Beach, and Hyper X as they have some great stuff.

camel_toad1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I've had a pair of Turtle Beach PX5's for a while but their plastic-meets-metal in all the wrong places has made them start to crack in several spots. They officially hit the graveyard while playing Doom today. Almost bought the Sony Gold wireless headset but saw similar complaints about the the plastic cracking. Ended up ordering a pair of Kingston HyperX Cloud II's today - they look like they won't have the same structural issues, fingers crossed.

Garethvk1274d ago

That set has a great reputation. I am preparing to review their new Cloud Revolver as well as a couple of others from TB and SteelSeries.

1274d ago
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