Why the 2DS Doesn’t Suck Anymore

The 2DS may make you look like a ginormous toddler while playing it, but at least it's cheap!

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thepatientgamer1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I think it now becomes the best gift to purchase for one of your bros that just wants to play pokemon and nothing else

PurpHerbison1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I'm going to get one for Pokemon Sun and Monster Hunter Generations. The 2DS is more comfortable to hold and without the 3D gimmick it actually gets better frame rates in MH4U than the old 3DS can. N3DS is still the best performance wise.

BrandanT1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

God, I remember how much hate that thing got when it was first revealed. I remember that Nintendo even needed to disable the comments on YouTube.

jholden32491273d ago


2DS still sucks. #New3DS4Life

garrettbobbyferguson1273d ago

It's a 3DS aimed at toddlers. I don't understand this article.

DragoonsScaleLegends1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I bought a Crystal Blue 2DS just because it reminded me of my GBA and GBC I used to have. It was my first Nintendo portable since the GBA and I don't like the thumbstick or the d-pad. I don't know if those are the same as the ones on the 3DS but they suck in my opinion. I prefer the d-pad on the Vita but the thumbsticks suck on it too. None of them can make good triggers either. I would gladly buy GBA games on my 2DS but Nintendo doesn't care lol or the 3DS just isn't powerful enough to run them correctly even though the PSP could emulate 10 years ago. Sony has some PSP games on PSN but they are missing so many PS1 and PSP games it's not even funny. They basically ignore Spider-Man and Tony Hawk games which are my favorite on those platforms. Sony even owns Spider-Man so I don't see why they aren't on there. Regardless of my issues with my 2DS, it's crystal blue shell looks amazing! My Vita on the other hand... needs better games and cheaper memory cards.

RosweeSon1273d ago

Of course the 3ds is powerful enough to run GBA games it runs DS and 3DS games. Both are very slow at releasing their older games tho. I'm still waiting for Tekken 3 but GBA games would be preferred on 3ds rather than Wii U. PsOne games on ps4 would be nice but then I need something to use my Vita with. As for memory cards there not exactly cheap but shop around and go large I got a very cheap 32gb and haven't needed another since just do a bit of swapping and take the games off once you've platinum'd and fully finished. I've got God of war 1/2 metal gear 2/3 few other vita games 5-10 and at least 25-30 ps one games plenty of space on 32gb and I paid about £45 when game wanted £60-80. Considering the games were pretty much being given away when I purchased I could easily manage to afford a decent memory card had to store the games somewhere and wasn't gonna be swapping every 5 mins with loads of 8gb's, 64gb would have been nice but Sony have failed to release in U.K and well it's a bit late now I'll finish off God of war 1/2 and that'll be 3.5gb spare.

BrandanT1273d ago

It could definitely run GBA games. Back when the 3ds was first released in March 2011, Nintendo gave the early adopters ten NES games and ten GBA games for free.

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